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Our online A.A. allows you to move forward in your academic career while still granting the flexibility to remain open to wherever God may lead you.

The 60-credit Integrated Studies program offers courses to instruct you in biblical truth and allow you to understand the world in which you will minister that truth. You will gain broad exposure to the arts and sciences along with a critical foundation in Bible study, theology, and history.

You will benefit from an education guided by godly faculty members – men and women who are dedicated to helping you achieve your academic goals, develop your intellectual abilities, and grow more like Christ. Courses include:

Bible and Theology – 15 credits

  • Introduction to Old Testament Literature (BI 105), 3 credits
  • Introduction to New Testament Literature (BI 106), 3 credits
  • Principles of Bible Study (BI 100), 3 credits
  • Building a Biblical Lifestyle (TH 120), 3 credits
  • Bible Studies Elective, 3 credits

Social Studies – 9 credits

  • Introduction to Humanities (AR 210), 3 credits
  • History Electives, 6 credits

English / Literature – 9 credits

  • Introduction to Academic Writing (EN 107), 3 credits
  • Introduction to Literature (LI 210), 3 credits
  • Literature Survey Elective, 3 credits

Math/Science/Computer Studies – 6 credits

  • Understanding Science (SC 220B), 3 credits
  • Science Elective, 3 credits

Elective Courses– 21 credits

  • Ministry Electives
  • Free Elective, 18 credit

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Upon completing the program, you will be awarded an Associate of Arts degree. Your strong academic and spiritual foundation will prove invaluable as you move forward in reaching your academic and career goals.
All courses from this program apply toward our on-campus or online bachelor’s degree.

Our graduates have had great success in transferring their courses into four-year programs at BBC and other Christian colleges and public schools.