Student Health Services at Baptist Bible College

Baptist Bible College photo

Students, as well as their spouses and children, can find quality health services at the Campus Health Center.

The facility is in Nordling Hall. Click here to see the campus map.

A registered nurse serves the campus on a part-time basis, and a local doctor is available every other week for on-campus appointments.

Doctor’s hours: After 1:00 p.m., every other Tuesday

Services include:

  • Ordinary medicines and first-aid supplies
  • Treatment of minor illnesses
  • Vision and blood-pressure screening
  • Ear and throat exams
  • T.B. testing
  • Administration of allergy injections
  • Referral services
  • Strep testing
  • Laboratory testing upon physician’s order

Contact the Campus Health Center to schedule an appointment:
On-campus: 9320
Off-campus: 570.585.9320