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BBC offers a range of activities reflecting the diversity of interests within our student body.

Student dramas, musical ensembles, and other performance opportunities provide a creative outlet for some and quality entertainment for others.

Those interested in writing, editing, and photography can contribute to student publications such as “The Anchor”- the school newspaper.

Serious athletes will enjoy the opportunity to sharpen their skills on one of our highly competitive BBC Defender Athletics teams, and everyone is encouraged to participate in our intramural sports programs.

Student organizations plan, sponsor, promote, and produce a large number of creative activities and campus-wide socials throughout the entire school year.

Programs such as the Student Leadership Council, Teen Leadership Conference, and Growing Leaders provide opportunities to enhance your leadership skills while positively affecting the lives of others.

Our online Calendar of Events and weekly Communications Hour keep students up-to-date on upcoming campus events.

Organizing a student activity

Students wishing to organize a student activity will need to fill out an Activity Request Form. Completed forms should be submitted to Director of Student Activities Fred Defendorf in the Office for Student Development on the third floor of Jackson Hall.