BBC: Christian Bible College Campus Life | Spiritual Life

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We strive to create an atmosphere that is as conducive to spiritual growth as it is academic excellence.

At BBC, we promote this in several ways:

Personal devotions
We believe your personal study of the Scriptures is absolutely essential to growth in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. You will be encouraged to spend time in private prayer and meditation on the Word each day. Residence Hall prayer times and small group fellowships serve to provide accountability in this area.

Daily chapel
Our students and faculty come together each weekday morning for a time of prayer, worship, and spiritual instruction from God’s Word. These sessions are led by faculty members, pastors, missionaries, students, and other special speakers.

Small groups
All students are required to participate in a small group. These groups meet periodically during specially designated chapel periods, or other evening time slots. They are designed to enable students to interact with a handful of their fellow on a more intimate level. Your small group provides you with a comfortable, informal environment that offers both accountability and encouragement. The content of small group meetings is left largely to the discernment of each group’s leader, but may include prayer, coffee or brunch outings, Bible study, and fun fellowship.

Church attendance
In keeping with our firm dedication to the ministry of the local church, our students are required to regularly attend one of the Bible-believing churches in the area. The information below will help you decide which church you will attend.

Ministry development
Practical ministry experience promotes spiritual maturity and allows you to develop skills necessary for career ministry. BBC’s ministry development program gives you opportunities to apply your education in real-life ministry settings. You are discipled and guided through the development process by a ministry coach. Ministry Development personnel are available to offer you counsel and help you secure ministry opportunities.

Students enrolled in four-year undergraduate programs are required to complete seven units of ministry experience using an interactive website designed specifically for this purpose. Please contact Ministry Development Coordinator Beth McGrew for more information.