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Your college experience will be largely defined by the relationships you develop. Our residence halls are specifically designed to provide an environment where positive, God-honoring relationships can form and prosper.

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Each hall consists of three floors. Each floor is composed of three-bedroom, one-bath suites housing six students. The suites create a small, comfortable place where you can form friendships and practice the valuable life-skill of living compatibly with others.

Each floor houses a Resident Assistant, a spiritually mature upperclassman who is available to assist fellow students. In addition, a Resident Director occupies a middle-floor apartment in each residence hall. The Resident Director is dedicated to ministry among the approximately 50 students that live in his or her dorm.

Women’s Dorms

Barndollar Hall (profile page)
Carter Hall (profile page)
Fletcher Hall (profile page)
Thomson Hall (profile page)
Vibbard Hall (profile page)

Men’s Dorms

Ketcham Hall (profile page )
Loescher Hall (profile page)
Ridley Hall (profile page)
Shaffer Hall (profile page)

Residence Hall Objectives
The unique design and exceptional leadership of our residence halls enables them to successfully:

  • Assist new students in orientation to college life.
  • Provide students with clean, comfortable, and functional housing.
  • Create an environment conducive to maximum academic achievement.
  • Help each student develop a sense of individual responsibility and self-discipline.
  • Give opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship.
  • Assist students through non-professional consultation for personal problems, study habits, etc.
  • Enable students to get involved in significant extracurricular activities.
  • Allow opportunities for faculty to interact informally with students.
  • Promote a feeling of unity within each hall and one of fun-spirited competition between halls.
  • Display and endorse a healthy attitude in relation to school policies and programs.