Resident Director
Ronnie Chastain
Phone: 570.585.9156
Family: Wife – Christina
Children – Roman, Rachael, Reece, and Railey
Number of years as director: 2013-2014 will be Ronnie’s eighth year as Resident Director

About Ronnie:
The Chastain family loves spending time with “their” guys in Christen Hall, taking every opportunity to get to know not only them, but their families, girlfriends, and fiancés as well. They’re excited about impacting young men who are heading toward ministry and striving to live lives full of Christ's love for others. Ronnie finds that in his ministry to the guys in Christen Hall, encouragement and service flow both ways. Some favorite activities are fishing at the pond, playing video games on the Nintendo Wii, eating baked goodies from Christina's capable hands, and watching Lost. He also likes to offer a running commentary while the guys play Age of Empires. He finds the hours and responsibilities of being an RD nicely compliment his position is as the college’s Certified Athletic Trainer, and enjoys serving students and Christ through both.

History of Christen
Rev. Douglas Christen was a member of BBC’s very first graduating class. He eventually went on to serve the school as chairman of trustees. In 1970, Reverend Christen was presented the Almnus of the Year award. At the 1977, 45th commencement, the men’s dorm was named Christen Hall, in honor of “the first graduate of Baptist Bible Seminary.”

Fast Facts
Today, Christen Hall serves the student body in a number of unique ways:

  • The Christen guys operate Byrdies Grill (usually open for delivery on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 10:30-11:30 p.m.). They consider Byrdies a service to fellow students and work as unpaid volunteers, enabling the grill to offer the lowest prices possible.
  • Each year, just before Thanksgiving break, the dorm runs Christen Mechanics, a service designed to assist campus girls by preparing their cars for traveling home.
  • Christen Hall also plans the annual Christen Christmas, a campus-wide Christmas party complete with games, snacks, music, eggnog drinking contests, and the famous (or infamous) Jello-blow.
  • They also host both a Super Bowl and a Final Four gathering each year, opening their lounges and providing snacks for students and guests.
  • The Christen guys are equally active off-campus, serving in local churches, youth outreaches, a truck-stop ministry, and much more.