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Our goals

The Office for Student Development exists to meet three primary goals:

  1. To provide a campus climate that is conducive to personal spiritual growth, intensive academic study, positive social development, and physical well-being.
  2. To promote a learning community that practices a lifestyle submissive to biblical mandates, exemplifies modesty and discretion, pursues excellence in all endeavors, and demonstrates sacrificial love for others.
  3. To produce a college graduate who is a committed Christian; growing in godly character, personal discipline, and spiritual discernment, obedient to the Word of God and driven by a passionate heart to serve God in life and ministry.

Our values

These goals stem from seven core values:

  1. We value God’s Word as our ultimate authority and the foundation for godly living and effective ministry.
  2. We value students, viewing them as our responsibility from God.
  3. We value growth and are fully committed to facilitating it in the lives of our students.
  4. We value personal discipline as a foundation for the exercise of godly character and discernment..
  5. We value relationships, recognizing this as a fundamental element for growth and ministry.
  6. We value ministry as a life-calling and an obedient response to Christ’s commission.
  7. We value teamwork as God’s pattern for effective ministry.