BBC: Christian Bible College Degrees & Majors

BBC offers a range of undergraduate degrees and majors. This enables you to choose a program that will expand your interests and abilities while equipping you to apply them in an area of global Christian leadership.

Undergraduate students dual-major in Bible and a chosen area of concentration. Students earn a bachelor’s degree in their concentration area, such as a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science. They may also choose to earn a Bachelor of Science in Bible.

Several degrees can be earned totally online. Learn more here.

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BUSINESS Secondary Teacher
Education—Science (B.S.E)
Addictions Counseling
Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) Biology
Office Administration (B.S.) Secondary Teacher
Education— Social Studies (B.S.E)
Sports Management (B.S.) Business Administration
  Learn more about the Teacher Education program here. Camping Ministries
CHURCH AND PARA-CHURCH Christian Ministries
Camping Ministries (B.S.)   Counseling
Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A.) GENERAL Health & Fitness
Church Music Accelerated Graduate Degree Health Science
Education Ministries (B.S.) Degree Completion History
Intercultural Youth Ministries (B.S.) Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A.) Instrumental
Outreach Ministries (B.S.) Specialized Ministries (B.S.) Intercultural Studies
Pastoral Ministries (B.S.)   Intercultural Youth Ministry
Pre-Seminary (B.S.) LIFE SCIENCES / PRE-PROFESSIONAL Kinesiological Studies
Women's Ministries (B.S.) Biology (B.S.) Literature
Youth Pastor (B.S.)   Mathematics
  Literature (B.A.) Office Administration
COMMUNICATIONS   Pastoral Ministries
Theatre (B.A.) MISSIONS Philosophy
Writing (B.A.) Intercultural Nursing (B.S.) Piano
Media (B.A.) Intercultural Studies (B.S.) Social Studies
  Intercultural Youth Ministries (B.S.) Special Education
COUNSELING   Sports & Coaching
Counseling (B.S.C)   Sports & Recreational Ministries
Accelerated Counseling MUSIC Technology
  Church Music (5 years, B.S. and B.S.M) Vocal
EDUCATION Women's Ministries
Early Childhood PreK (A.A) Music Ministries (B.S.) Writing
Early Childhood / Elementary Education PreK-4 (B.S.E) Music Education K-12 (B.M.E.) Youth Pastor
Health and Physical Education K-12 (B.S.E.)    
Music Education K-12 (B.M.E)
Camping Ministries (B.S.)  
Health and Physical Education
K-12 (B.S.E.)
Secondary Teacher Education— English (B.S.E)  
Secondary Teacher
Mathematics (B.S.E)
Sports and Health Science (B.S.)
Athletic Training (B.S.)  
Secondary Teacher
Education—Science (B.S.E)
Physical Therapy (B.S.)  
Sports Management (B.S.)
  Sports and Recreational Ministries (B.S.)  

ACCELERATED DEGREES (Bachelor's and Master's Degree)

Accelerated Counseling
Accelerated Graduate Degree Accelerated Pastoral


Addictions Counseling Early Childhood Education Integrated Studies
Business Administration
General Education Office Administration



Bible Certificate

A.A. — Associate of Arts B.S.B.A. — Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
B.A . — Bachelor of Arts B.S.C. — Bachelor of Science in Counseling
B.S. — Bachelor of Science B.M.E. — Bachelor of Music Education
B.S.B. — Bachelor of Science in Bible B.S.M. — Bachelor of Sacred Music
B.S.E. — Bachelor of Science in Education