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The world of sports provides an incredible avenue through which the lost can be reached and believers can be discipled. As God continues to open numerous doors for sports ministries worldwide, the need for excellent leadership continues to grow.

If you’re willing to meet that need, our Sports & Recreational Ministries program will prepare you to do it effectively.

Download a printable Sports Recreational
Ministries PDF here.

Core courses
We give you a strong foundation to understand and apply biblical truth through 42 hours of Bible and theology courses. A required set of General Studies courses supplements that foundation and enables you to consider the world in which you will minister.

You will then build on this foundation with over 40 credit hours studying the specific disciplines of your field and determining how you can best apply your unique strengths, gifts, and abilities. The core courses of this program include the following:

Administration and Organization of Sports Ministry
Biblical Foundations of Sports Ministry
Evangelism and Discipleship in Sports Ministry
History and Philosophy of Sports Ministry
Sports Ministry Apprenticeship

Making the program your own
Our exceptional faculty members bring years of experience to the classroom. Rather than relying on lectures and textbooks alone, they’ll actively relate knowledge to every day experiences by getting involved in your life as mentors and fellow participants in sports ministry.

Weekend clinics, summer missions trips, and sports camps provide ample opportunity for you to apply your knowledge in real world ministry settings.

The program is further enhanced by interdepartmental cooperation in the areas of health and physical education, world missions, youth ministries, pastoral ministries, and church educational ministries

Many options after graduation
You will earn a Bachelor of Science with a major in Sports & Recreational Ministries. You will graduate having completed coursework equivalent to a double major in Bible and Sports & Recreational Ministries . You may elect to receive a B.S. in Bible instead.

You will graduate with confidence, knowing you have been challenged in the classroom and tested in the real world. Your passion for people and heart for God will be deepened, and you will be ready to use your abilities to impact individuals for Christ.

You may choose to step immediately into a full-time ministry career. You will be qualified for pastoral positions in local churches or program positions with organizations such as Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Athletes in Action, Ambassadors, Word of Life ministries, and the YMCA.

Our Sports & Recreational Ministries program also prepares you to pursue graduate work in fields such as education, youth ministry, and other seminary programs. In addition, extensive opportunities await should you desire to step onto the mission field in the U.S. or overseas.

What they say
“I enjoy the personal way the classes are taught and the practical applications. The spiritual environment at BBC is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The faculty members aren’t interested in us simply knowing facts—they want us to be able to apply what we are learning in class to know what we will do in real life situations so we can better serve God. I’ve learned priceless lessons about life and sports ministries.”
- Josh Workman, BBC student

“Sports & Recreational Ministries offers one of the best avenues to reach and impact our culture for Christ. I believe God is going to do amazing things through this type of ministry. In the Sports Ministries program, the faculty had a huge impact on my life. Many faculty members served as mentors to me spiritually. They invested in my life and prepared me for my future ministry. I loved the small class size. It gave us an opportunity to interact with the professors. All of the training that I received in the sports ministry program at BBC was very helpful in preparing me for the various ministry leadership positions that I’ve had.”
- Jon Young, BBC graduate, Head Coach for Uncharted Waters Sports Ministry Organization

Learn more
For details about the Sports Ministries program, contact Professor Mike Show.