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Many people believe science and the Bible are incompatible, when in fact they complement each other perfectly. While the Bible is not a science textbook, it is the foundation for understanding science and God’s role as master designer. Students need teachers who will present the sciences with integrity and help them develop worldview.

The Secondary Education—Science major will train you in both science and biblical studies, preparing you to influence the lives of students as they learn about the physical world around them. The courses will equip you with hknowledge and valuable hands-on experience. You will learnr from professors who are passionate about the sciences. They will guide you both in and out of the classroom as you build knowledge and develop your worldview.

Watch a video about the Teacher Education program here.

Science and discovery fascinate you. As a logical and concrete thinker, the scientific process and methods make sense to you. The intricate details of the physical world excite you, and you want to spend your life showing students the magnificence of God as creator.

Gain the tools and experience you need to impact students for Christ through the world He created.

Read about Hannah Overlock, a 2013 graduate who now teaches science to grades 7-12 at Summit Christian Academy in Clarks Summit, PA.

Perform experiments in the laboratory.
Analyze and interpret scientific data.
Captivate students with exciting discoveries.
Simplify complex processes and concepts for students.
Pedagogical comprehension of science content.
Strong biblical foundations and convictions for teaching science.
First-hand teaching experience.
Valuable teaching resources.
138 Credits
A semester of student teaching fulfills twelve academic credits. You will be placed in public and Christian school settings.
You will be certified by the Association of Christian Schools International for teaching Science in grades 7-12.
You will be eligible to apply for Pennsylvania state certification, which shares reciprocity with most states.
Many students go on to pursue master and doctorate degrees. You will be well-prepared for graduate study at various graduate schools or BBC’s Master of Education program.
Calculus I & II SC227 Meteorology
Chemistry I & II SC254 Marine Biology and Ecology
SC203/207 Biology I SC412 Biotechnology
SC401 Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry SC216 Geology
SC223/223L Physics ED416 Teaching Science in Secondary Schools
SC206/208 Human and Anatomy and
Physiology I