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We are serious at BBC about meeting the needs of the broken and hurting. We live in a sin-plagued world characterized by shattered families, a loss of respect for human life, corruption in every level of leadership, and people in desperate need of a Savior.

The local church is called to proclaim the hope of eternal life in Christ to the lost. Answering that call requires effective, spiritually aware leaders who are willing to develop the relationships and ministry programs necessary to reach unbelievers for Christ.

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The program is set apart by faculty that will provide you with critical instruction, training, and mentorship. With over 150 years of combined pastoral ministry experience, our faculty offer you much more than traditional classroom lectures. They share an unwavering commitment to personally invest in your life, functioning as ministry coaches, advisors, and mentors. Our faculty keep current on church development and practices by serving side by side with their students in practical, local church ministry.

Core courses
We give you a strong foundation to understand and apply biblical truth through 42 hours of Bible and theology courses. A required set of General Studies courses supplements that foundation and enables you to consider the world in which you will minister.

Learn how a graduate of the Outreach Pastor program is using his BBC education.
Nathan and Amy Kauffman

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"BBC helped prepare me by giving me a good foundational knowledge of the Word of God and how to study it, enabling me to teach, preach, study, and answer questions."
-Matt Montgomery, 2007 BBC graduate

You will then build on this foundation with 40 credit hours studying the specific disciplines of your field and determining how you can best apply your unique strengths, gifts, and abilities. The core courses of this program include the following:

Church Evangelism Strategies
Dynamics of Discipleship
Expository and Advanced Expository Preaching
Family Life of a Ministry Leader
Ministry Leadership
Outreach Specialization Electives
Pastoral Counseling
Personal Life of a Ministry Leader

Making the program your own
Our Outreach Pastor program is designed to produce pastoral leadership that will effectively carry out the mission of the local church to edify believers and reach people for Christ. The program is structured around a dynamic combination of challenging classes, highly qualified faculty, and extensive hands-on training.

As a participant in the Outreach Pastor program, you will be required to complete seven units of course-related practical ministry. Two of these units must be in evangelism ministries and one must be in Bible teaching. You will also be encouraged to earn academic credit through a summer apprenticeship program.

Many options after graduation
You will earn a Bachelor of Science with a major in Outreach Pastor. You will graduate having completed coursework equivalent to a double major in Bible and Outreach Pastor . You may elect to receive a B.S. in Bible instead.

Some graduates enter full-time ministry immediately upon graduation, typically filling roles as youth pastors, associate pastors, or missionaries, while others choose to study further. Our program will leave you well-equipped to continue your preparation for the pastorate in seminary. Our students have a attended seminaries such as Baptist Bible Seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary, The Master’s Seminary, Grand Rapids Seminary, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Southeastern Baptist Seminary.

No matter what the next step is, you will emerge from the Outreach Pastor program ready to reach the lost for Christ through effective leadership in the local church.

What they say
“I really enjoyed the opportunity to do several internships during my summer breaks. I was able to travel as a child/teen evangelist, and work as an intern youth pastor. The program leaves room for a lot of hands-on learning, which is important for full-time ministry. The faculty here at BBC has had a great impact on my life. The professors showed me how to discover what I believe, how to defend what I believe, and how to share with others what I believe. If you have a passion for evangelism in the local church, this program will give you the skills and knowledge necessary for that ministry.”
- Ben Druyor, BBC student

“In order to really learn about ministry, you have to be involved in ministry. BBC gave me the opportunity to do that. The faculty members not only challenged me to really push myself and step up to ministry leadership, but they equipped me with invaluable behind-the-scenes experience in churches. That experience helped prepare me for the real-life ministry with which I am involved today.”
- Tim Merrell, BBC graduate, “Huddle Coach” with Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Head Girls Volleyball Coach at Trinity Christian Academy, Raleigh, NC

Learn more
For details about the Pastoral Outreach program, contact Dr. Donald McCall.