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Like many students, you may be approaching your college career with a measure of uncertainty. You may be wondering if God is calling you into full-time ministry or into an alternative career. Perhaps you are committed to lifelong ministry, but you are unsure of exactly where or how you can best serve.

At Baptist Bible College, we understand the importance of the decisions you are facing at this critical time in your life. That’s why we’ve designed a two-year General Education program that allows you to move forward in your academic career while still granting the flexibility to remain open to wherever God may lead you.

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Core courses
Our 61-credit General Education program offers you courses that will both instruct you in biblical truth and allow you to understand the world in which you will minister that truth. You will gain broad exposure to the arts and sciences along with a critical foundation in Bible study, theology, and history.

You will benefit from an education that is administered by godly faculty members – men and women who are dedicated to helping you achieve your academic goals, develop your intellectual abilities, and grow more like Christ.

Building a Biblical Lifestyle
English Composition
General Psychology
History of Western Civilization
Introduction to Fine Arts
New Testament Survey
Old Testament History
Old Testament Poetry
Old Testament Prophets
Principles of Bible Study
The Church’s Ministry
Theology I
Understanding Science

Making the program your own
You will develop a biblical worldview in the classroom and have opportunities to apply your knowledge and passion for God in real-life ministry settings. The General Education program requires the completion of at least three ministry units. These units can be completed through involvement in local church ministries such as Sunday school, AWANA, youth work, children’s church, visitation, music ministries, and preaching.

Other organizations that offer opportunities for ministry include nursing homes, county jails, the state hospital, a home for the mentally handicapped, and nearby college campuses. Students with musical abilities will enjoy involvement with the Concert Chorale, Chamber Singers, Wind Ensemble, and various gospel teams that frequently minister in local churches. Many students find that these hands-on experiences play a key role in determining God’s future direction for their lives.

Learn how a graduate of the General Education program is using her BBC education.
Nathan and Amy KauffmanRead more about Dawn Wilson here.

"The strong emphasis on truth laid the groundwork for a lifetime of writing about things that matter for eternity."
- Dawn Wilson


Many options after graduation
Upon completing the General Education program, you will be awarded an Associate of Arts Degree. Your strong academic and spiritual foundation will prove invaluable as you move forward in reaching your academic and career goals.

Graduates of our General Education program have had great success in transferring their courses into four-year programs at BBC and other Christian colleges or public schools.

Learn more
For details about the General Education program, contact Allen Dreyer.