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The written word is powerful and life-changing. There is a direct link between written communication and our understanding of God that is foundational to any educational experience. Students need teachers who are passionate about both language arts and ministry. In the Secondary English Education major, you will learn to help middle and high school students think deeply and biblically about language and literature. The powerful classes taught by highly qualified faculty will prepare you to successfully communicate with students in the classroom and a one-on-one basis.

Thinking deeply
You’ve always been a reader, and your favorite subject is English or literature. You enjoy thinking deeply about life, philosophy, and the arts. You believe the art of the written word greatly enhances life, and it excites you to see others benefit from it. You have been profoundly impacted by the teachers in your life, and you want to do the same for students

Get the tools and experience you need to teach others about the Savior through the language arts.

Meet Calvin O'Boyle, a Seconday English Education major who hopes to use his love of language and literature to help students who have lost their interest in learning.
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- Plan and prepare lessons from your mastery of English content.
- Create engaging classroom learning environments.
- Teach secular knowledge from a biblical perspective.
- Interact with students, parents, and coworkers with integrity and kindness.

- Highly developed thinking and teaching skills.
- Helpful resources for teaching.
- Valuable classroom experience.
- Solid biblical foundations and philosophies of teaching English.

- 132 Credits
- Ccertified by the Association of Christian Schools International for teaching English in grades 7-12.
- You will be eligible to apply for Pennsylvania state certification which shares reciprocity with most states.
- A semester of student teaching fulfills twelve academic credits. You will be placed in Christian and public classrooms.
- Many students go on to receive master and doctorate degrees. You will be well prepared for graduate study at various graduate schools or BBC’s Master of Education program.


- Foundations of Literary Criticism
- Educating the English Language Learner
- Psychology of Learning and Education
- British Literature I
- British Literature II
- Advanced English Grammar/Linguistics
- Teaching Literature/Reading in Secondary Schools
- Themes in Adolescent Literature
- Teaching Grammar/Writing in Secondary Schools

For details about the English Education program, contact Dr. Janet Hicks.