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We believe the written word is a powerful, life-changing tool. It is a foundational aspect of human experience. Without it, the structure of out society would crumble. We acknowledge a direct link between communication and our understanding of God as the source of our ability to think, reason, and create. This acknowledgement lays the groundwork for the biblical worldview that we desire you, as a future educator, to pass on to the next generation.

Our English Education concentration will teach you how to communicate more effectively and equip you to teach others to do the same. We provide you with the education you need to make both a career and ministry out of teaching others about your Savior through the language arts

Download a printable Secondary English Education PDF here.

Core courses
We give you a strong foundation to understand and apply biblical truth through 42 hours of Bible and theology courses. A required set of General Studies courses supplements that foundation and enables you to consider the world in which you will minister.

You will then build on this foundation with over 40 credit hours studying the specific disciplines of your field and determining how you can best apply your unique strengths, gifts, and abilities. The core courses of this program include the following:

Advanced English Grammar
American Literature I and II
Drama Practicum
Educating Exceptional Children
English Literature I and II
Expository Writing
Introduction to Journalism
Linguistics and Language Learning
Teaching Grammar/Writing in Secondary Schools
Teaching Literature/Reading in Secondary Schools
World Literature II

Making the program your own
We stretch your education beyond the classroom by providing you with ample opportunities for hands-on experience. “The Anchor,” our school newspaper, and “The Tower,” our school yearbook, provide excellent opportunities for you to gain practical experience.

Assisting and observing competent English teachers and meeting student teaching requirements will also equip you for effective ministry leadership in the classroom.

Many options after graduation
You will earn a Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in English. You will graduate having completed coursework equivalent to a double major in Bible and Education . You may elect to receive a B.S. in Bible instead.

You will receive certification from the Association of Christian Schools International to teach Social Studies in grades 7-12. You will also be eligible to apply for Pennsylvania state certification, which will allow you to teach in public schools. The state of Pennsylvania shares certification reciprocity with many other states, most likely enabling you to teach in the state of your choice.

Many graduates go further with master’s and doctorate degrees. Some have chosen to pursue their graduate studies BBC's Master of Education program. Other graduates have attended various graduate schools to study a wide range of programs including curriculum and instruction, counseling, and administration.  

What they say
“BBC provides opportunities in the classroom and out on the field to learn and teach. This supplies students with an in-depth understanding of the career ahead. Having professors who love what they do, love students, and love God gives students a glimpse of what ministry should be like in their own lives.”
- Kayla Knopp, BBC student

“My experience at BBC helped me to understand that teaching is a ministry, not just a profession. The professors guided me through each of the requirements of the program and were always available to meet my needs. I left BBC with a biblical and realistic perspective of education and the preparation necessary for the demanding schedule of teaching.”
- Ashley Spence, BBC graduate, English teacher at Twin Tiers Christian Academy, Breesport, NY

Learn more
For details about the English Education program, contact Dr. Janet Hicks.