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A child’s greatest need lies beyond academic achievement. It is the need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Early Childhood and Elementary Education program will prepare you to equip children for life beyond the classroom. Becoming an effective teacher who positively impacts students and reflects the glory of God requires hard work, dedication, and a life wholeheartedly committed to serving God – traits we will help you develop while at BBC.

Download a printable Early Childhood & Elementary Education PDF here.

Core courses
We give you a strong foundation to understand and apply biblical truth through 42 hours of Bible and theology courses. A required set of General Studies courses supplements that foundation and enables you to consider the world in which you will minister.

You will then build on this foundation with over 40 credit hours studying the specific disciplines of your field and determining how you can best apply your unique strengths, gifts, and abilities. The core courses of this program include the following:

Active Learning in Early Childhood Education
Child, Family, and Community
Educating Exceptional Children
Field Experiences in Early Childhood Education
Field Experiences in Elementary Schools
Issues in Early Childhood Education
Methods and Materials in Early Childhood Education
Reading in the Content Areas
Teaching Children’s Literature in Elementary Schools
Teaching Language Arts in Elementary Schools
Teaching Math in Elementary Schools
Teaching Music and Art in Elementary Schools
Teaching Physical Education in Elementary Schools
Teaching Reading in Elementary Schools
Teaching Science in Elementary Schools
Teaching Social Studies in Elementary Schools

Making the program your own
As a student of this intense but rewarding program, you will learn up-to-date teaching techniques while taking the above core, biblical classes.

This combination will prepare you to offer your students more than just head knowledge, and will enable you to stand as both an educator and example for children who are in need of real, life-changing leadership.

Many options after graduation
You will graduate having completed coursework equivalent to a double major in Bible and Early Childhood and Elementary Education, and will be awarded a B.S. in Bible.

You will receive certification from the Association of Christian Schools International to teach children from birth to sixth grade. You will also be eligible to apply for Pennsylvania state certification, which will allow you to teach in public schools. The state of Pennsylvania shares certification reciprocity with many other states, most likely enabling you to teach in the state of your choice.

Our Early Childhood and Elementary Education program qualifies you for two Pennsylvania certifications, one in Early Childhood, and one in Elementary Education. This dual certification provides you with the impressive credentials that today’s schools are seeking. You will also be prepared to pursue your master’s and doctorate degrees upon graduation. Some graduates have chosen to pursue their studies in one of the seven programs offered in Christian School Education at Baptist Bible Graduate School. Other graduates have attended various graduate schools, studying a wide range of programs including curriculum and instruction, counseling, and administration.

What they say
“The Early Childhood and Elementary Education program has given me a biblical perspective of managing a classroom, proper discipline, and caring for the spiritual needs of each student. It has also provided insight on how to be an effective teacher in whatever capacity of ministry that God would have for me.”
- Christy Hoffman, BBC graduate

“The teachers I had were excellent. They knew what would prepare us most for what we would face in an actual job situation. I think the biggest strength of this program is the preparation I received for a teaching job after graduation. I was thoroughly equipped. I felt prepared and had a strong foundation upon which to build my career.”
- Amy Rowlands, BBC graduate, kindergarten teacher at Forcey Christian School, Silver Spring, MD

Learn more
For details about the Early Childhood and Elementary Education program, contact Tammy Holbrook.