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Counseling is a critical ministry need in our society. While our graduates are equipped to pursue a variety of positions, our heart for the ministry of counseling is that it be used to support the local church.

Our goal is to prepare you to be the most effective counselor you can be. We’ve designed a program to equip you with the skills and knowledge you’ll need to lead and serve others. 

Download a printable Counseling Ministries PDF here.

Core courses
We give you a strong foundation to understand and apply biblical truth through 42 hours of Bible and theology courses. A required set of General Studies courses supplements that foundation and enables you to consider the world in which you will minister.

You will then build on this foundation with 40 credit hours studying the specific disciplines of your field and determining how you can best apply your unique strengths, gifts, and abilities. The core courses of this program include the following:

Abnormal Psychology
History and Contemporary Theories in Counseling
Human Growth and Development
Introduction to Counseling
Issues in Professionalism
Marriage and Family Dynamics
Personality Theory
Psychology of Learning
Social Psychology
Tests and Measurements
Women Counseling Women or Pastoral Counseling

Making the program your own
Our Counseling program is a biblical counseling program. We emphasize the sufficiency of God’s Word in meeting counselee needs. This means that you will be taught to evaluate all aspects of counseling through the grid of Scripture.

The combination of core theology, Bible courses, and counseling/psychology courses will train you to blend biblical principles with learned people-helping skills.

Read about Emily Gehman, a graduate of the Counseling program.
Emily Gehman

"There are so many possibilities that I have been equipped for. I simply cannot wait to jump into the role God has for my future."
- Emily Gehman, 2012

Read more about Emily here.

Many options after graduation
You will earn a Bachelor of Science in Counseling. You will graduate having completed coursework equivalent to a double major in Bible and Counseling . You may elect to receive a B.S. in Bible instead.

Counseling is a pre-professional program that gives you the skills necessary for effective counseling in settings such as church counseling ministries, mission agencies, Christian camps and schools, and social agencies. If you desire to become a Licensed Professional Counselor or a Nationally Certified Counselor, you’ll find that our program has aptly prepared you for the pursuit of your master’s degree.

BBC’s Counseling graduates have chosen to pursue master’s degrees at institutions such as Baptist Bible Graduate School , Philadelphia Biblical University, The Master’s College, and many other secular institutions. Our graduates also work as counseling directors, professors of psychology and counseling, and marriage counselors at numerous top-level organizations.

What they say
“The biblical foundation of BBC's Counseling program prepared me for my future by giving me confidence that healing and restoration are attainable for each person who is willing to let God transform his or her life. Because God is the changing agent in each person's life, I can confidently go to Him and His Word for truth and wisdom to help others live their daily lives to the fullest.”
- Diana Griffieth, BBC alumnus (2006)

“BBC's Counseling program prepared me to go into the work force and equipped me for church counseling and counseling in the secular workplace. The theological perspective on counseling was a solid foundation and is of great value in my work.”
- Kassandra Engfer, BBC graduate, Professor of Psychology, Counseling, and Communication at Davis College, Johnson City, NY

Learn more
For details about the Counseling program, contact Professor Lynelle Buchanan.