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To impact a fast-paced world for the cause of Christ, you must develop your ability to reach out, connect with people, and positively influence others.

In a word, you must learn to communicate.

BBC’s Communications program will equip you to do that. You’ll study under experienced professors who are passionate about using their skills for the glory of God and dedicated to developing yours.

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Program options
The BBC Communications program offers two avenues of study: Theatre and Writing.

The Communications program stretches both your acting and directing skills. In addition to numerous student-led productions throughout each semester,  you’ll have the opportunity for involvement in our major, bi-annual drama productions. You’ll gain experience in a wide variety of genres, such as comedy, drama, musicals, classics, and contemporary works.

Graduates of our Theatre-emphasis program will be prepared to direct or act in church drama ministries, teach in school drama programs, write scripts, design sets, or launch a drama outreach ministry. Many graduates work in regional and professional theatre companies, and some have been accepted into master's and doctorate theatre programs.  

Learn how a graduate of the Communications program is using his BBC education.
Nathan and Amy KauffmanRead more about Jonathan Strayer here.

"Dr. Brian Maxwell was my program advisor, my director, my teacher, and my encourager...he challenged me to push myself artistically and to not be satisfied with the status quo."
- Jonathan Strayer

Students in the Communications program won’t want to miss the opportunity to participate in BBC’sArt Communicates,” an annual, on-campus celebration of the arts.

Core Courses
Drama for Worship
Directing for Theatre
Drama in Performance
Introduction to Theatre
Oral Interpretation
Mass Media
Senior Drama Project
Studies in Dramatic Literature

Making the program your own
Theatre students are required to participate in a senior project and an internship.

Our goal is for you to combine communication and ministry while gaining practical experience and knowledge from qualified professionals. This can be accomplished through projects such as writing or directing your own play, creating a drama ministry, directing a play in a Christian school, or internships at an off-campus television station, newspaper, or theatre company.

You will study with professors and instructors who love God and love the subjects they teach. Most importantly, you will study your field of interest in light of God’s Word and learn to communicate His truth more effectively.

As one of our professors so aptly expressed, the question isn’t, “What can you do with a Communications degree?” but, “What can’t you do with a Communications degree?”

Many options after graduation
You will earn a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Communications. You will graduate having completed coursework equivalent to a double major in Bible and Communications . You may elect to receive a B.S. in Bible instead.

You will be well prepared to enter ministries and careers in your area of study. Not only will you have gained intellectual knowledge, you will also have acquired hands-on experience that can be added to your résumé.

Graduates can consider the option of a graduate-level education. Our grads have chosen to attend top-level schools. Others have obtained career positions at organizations such as LA Film Studios (Los Angeles, CA), Sight and Sound Theatre (Lancaster, PA), and WVIA television (Pittston, PA).

What they say
“The Communications program at BBC is truly exceptional. Coming in as a Freshman, not knowing what to expect or even what to hope for, I soon found that the Communication department staff, in particular Dr. Maxwell, guided and challenged me as an individual in a way that benefited my entire college career, not just those first few wobbly steps as a Freshman. In addition to the incomparable staff at BBC, the curriculum and intensity with which the program unfolds throughout the year is exhilarating and beneficial to any field of ministry. As a Comm/Theatre major, I was exposed to a phantasmagoria of challenging and exciting plays, fieldtrips and in-class debates (I even learned some fancy words along the way). Through auditions for the campus dramas, I learned invaluable lessons of teamwork, commitment and initiative, along with some shining personal triumphs. In short, the Comm/Theatre program at BBC is exceptionally well-rounded, whether it is the academics, staff, on or off-campus activities, BBC’s Communications program has prepared me for a life of glorifying God in the Arts!”
- Kate Buis, BBC graduate
Learn more
For details about the Communications/Theatre program, contact Dr. Brian Maxwell .