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Our online B.S. in Christian Ministries infuses you with foundational principles, practices, and skills for a career leading in a church or other career ministry setting.

This dynamic 121-credit program can be completed totally online at your own pace.

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  • The Church’s Ministry (EM 200), 3 credits
  • World Evangelism (EV 220), 3 credits
  • Personal Life of the Ministry Leader (PA 311), 3 credits
  • Dynamics of Discipleship (MI 306), 3 credits
  • Family Life of the Ministry Leader (EM 412), 3 credits
  • Foundations of Ministry Leadership (EM413), 3 credits

Ministry – 18 credits

  • Ministry Electives, 18 credits
    Can include courses in pastoral, counseling, youth, church education, missions, women’s ministries, camp and sports ministries, and more.

Bible and Theology – 42 credits

  • Old Testament Survey (BI 105), 3 credits
  • New Testament Survey (BI 102), 3 credits
  • Principles of Bible Study (BI 100), 3 credits
  • Building a Biblical Lifestyle (TH 120), 3 credits
  • Theology II (TH 201), 3 credits
  • Theology III (TH 202C), 3 credits
  • Theology IV (TH 306), 3 credits
  • Theology V (TH 401C), 3 credits
  • Seminar (TH 480), 3 credits
  • Bible Studies Elective, 15 credits

Social Studies – 12 credits

  • Introduction to Humanities (AR 210), 3 credits
  • General Psychology (PS 100), 3 credits
  • History Electives, 6 credits

English / Literature – 12 credits

  • Introduction to Academic Writing (EN 107), 3 credits
  • Introduction to Literature (LI 210), 3 credits
  • Literature Elective, 3 credits

Science – 6 credits

  • Understanding Science (SC 220B), 3 credits
  • Science Elective, 3 credits

Others – 13 credits

  • General Studies Electives, 12 credits
  • Life Fitness (HP 100), 1 credit

Credits you earn in the A.A. or certificate program will apply to this degree.

Your strong academic and spiritual foundation will prove invaluable as you move forward in your career and advance on further academic goals.

Online Experience
Online classes allow you to learn from and interact with professors who have years of experience ministering to and teaching students of all ages.

They are focused on your success. Online discussions allow you to meet and build relationships with students from around the globe, adding a unique and valuable aspect to your learning experience.

After graduation
You will earn a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Christian Ministries. You will graduate having completed coursework equivalent to a double major in Bible and Christian Ministries. You may elect to receive a B.S. in Bible instead.

Graduates will be equipped to serve in various capacities in churches, missions, and ministries. You will also be well prepared to pursue graduate degrees.

What they say

"What I appreciated most in my Christian Ministry classes is that they were very practical. I could instantly put into practice what I learned in these classes, and I can see how my life changed due to this. Be aware that the Christian Ministry classes can change your thinking, attitude and ultimately your life! These classes will open your eyes to the various ministry opportunities you have as a Christian in a world that desperately needs Jesus."
Lili James, Terre Haute, Indiana

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