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The Chaplain Ministries program provides training for students who seek to minister in one of our nationís military branches of service.

This program prepares qualified believers to be military pastors and assistants who will reach out to a population of servicemen and women and their families.

This is a missions ministry in that the people served are characterized as multicultural, multiethnic, and pluralistic in their religious beliefs and serve in countries throughout the world.

Matt DeGroft, a student in the Chaplain Ministries program, is actively involved in ROTC.

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Core courses
In addition to the 42 credits of Bible and theology courses, there are 30 credits for the chaplaincy major itself. Fifteen credits are in counseling, which is one of the primary duties of any chaplain.

Introduction to Chaplaincy
Expository Preaching
Introduction to Counseling
Pastoral Counseling
Crisis Counseling
The Personal Life of a Ministry leader
Education Ministries of the Church

Making the program your own
The focus of the Chaplain Ministries program at BBC is the integration of biblical studies, Christian ministries, and biblical counseling to students for a variety of applications.

This program offers the flexibility of 12 hours of chaplaincy electives and six hours of free electives, so it can be tailored to each studentís specific area of interest.

The majority of principles and ministry skills learned will carry over to other ministries, such as hospital, prison, corporation, fire, and police chaplaincies.

After graduation
You will earn a Bachelor of Science in Chaplain Ministries. You will graduate having completed coursework equivalent to a double major in Bible and Chaplain Ministries . You may elect to receive a B.S. in Bible instead.

As a student in the undergraduate Chaplain Ministries program, you will be prepared to enter the Master of Divinity Military Chaplaincy program at Baptist Bible Seminary. Military chaplains of all branches are required to have earned a masterís degree, to have a minimum of 72 hours of graduate level credits, and to be ordained.

Upon completion of the undergraduate Chaplain Ministries program, you will possess a basic knowledge of the common issues related to chaplaincy. In addition, you will have developed the counseling skills necessary to meet the needs of those who are hurting and or may be experiencing tragic circumstances.

Learn more
For details about the Chaplain Ministries program, contact Dennis Wilhite.