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College is about life preparation. That means getting ready for the responsibilities and challenges that are just around the corner.

At Baptist Bible College, it is also about heart preparation. It’s about educating and developing students who desire to use Scripture as the foundation, focus, and filter for their lives.

Our Bible Certificate program provides you with the opportunity to spend an entire year laying a solid foundation for life by training your mind academically and preparing your heart spiritually. If you are looking to pursue a career or vocation outside of full-time ministry, this 31-credit program will function as a vital stepping stone that serves to ground you in knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. The introductory-level courses in the Bible Certificate program are designed to give a broad overview of Bible history, personal Bible study, and basic theology.

Download a printable Bible Certificate PDF here.

Core courses
Building a Biblical Lifestyle
New Testament Survey
Old Testament History
Principles of Bible Study
Proclaiming the Gospel
The Church’s Ministry
Theology I

Making the program your own
As a student in the Bible Certificate program, your heart and mind will be stretched by the teaching and counsel of an outstanding Christian faculty that brings over 200 years of combined ministry to experience to the classroom. You will develop a strong Christian worldview that will be critical to your success in life, regardless of your location or calling.

Whether you enter ministry or further academic study, you will benefit greatly from the challenge of college-level coursework, hands-on ministry experience, and the chance to interact with other students who are passionate about seeking God’s glory in their lives.

Many options after graduation
The program culminates in a Bible Certificate which will deepen your skills to serve in your local church. You will also be able to pursue further academic coursework with the Certificate classes as a foundation.

You will leave the program with the confidence of a mind that is ready to engage the world from a biblical viewpoint, and a heart that is ready and able to demonstrate Christ’s love to others. Your experiences ministering in real-world settings and your time spent in the classroom with our godly faculty, combined with your exposure to Christian peers who model true servant leadership, will enable you to emerge from the program as a more mature, well-rounded individual..

What they say
“I attended a Christian high school, but it was great to get further biblical education in a college setting. At BBC, I got to deal with a lot of doctrines and views that were totally new to me. The faculty is great. God taught me the blessings of getting involved with others and diving into each other’s lives, even if I am only there for a short period of time. I was able to participate in the Girl Scouts program while at BBC. Each week I met with some under-privileged girls near downtown Scranton . It taught me to reach out to people I wouldn’t normally pursue and to be light for Christ even if I can’t talk about Him.”
- Moriah Huff, BBC graduate, Youth Pastor’s wife at Fox Valley Bible Church in St. Charles, IL

“When it came time for me to choose a college, I knew BBC’s position and was certain I would receive more than just a good education; I knew that I would receive a godly one as well. In addition to my Bible courses, I learned how to live a practical, godly, life. I learned how to do so many things like keeping an organized daily schedule and communicating with people on a large scale. While I was at BBC, I was a hospice volunteer, and I would visit elderly people with terminal illnesses. I was definitely moved out of my comfort zone through that experience, but it was a blessing to see how I could spread Christ’s love to others in simple ways. Since graduating, I have been serving as an assistant youth leader, and we recently returned from an inner-city missions trip. I am happy to say that both in the preparation time and in the time we were ministering, I was able to utilize a lot of the skills and knowledge I gained through the Bible Certificate program, from practical Bible study tips to street witnessing methods. This program is a good basis for any type of ministry one might encounter.”
- Elizabeth Hauser, BBC graduate, pursuing a degree in Fashion Merchandising

Learn more
For details about the Bible Certificate program, contact Allen Dreyer.