In a world where almost everything is readily accessible, substance abuse, unhealthy behaviors, and even destructive thinking patterns are very real challenges. The Addictions Counseling program equips you understand and recognize issues and deal biblically with them, helping people out of enslaving habits.

You love helping people. You’ve seen how addictions and substance abuse can devastate lives, and your heart breaks for those caught in traps of dependency. The compassion within you yearns to help people out of destructive habits, behaviors, and thoughts. The great work of God’s love and grace in your life motivates you to show others how much God loves them and can rescue them from addiction.

The Addiction Counseling program trains you in biblical knowledge and practical skills for counseling. The unique blend of instruction in psychology and discipleship develops your abilities for a highly needed role in today’s society. Get the tools you need to help a a hurting, enslaved world find freedom.

You will learn to ...

  • Identify addiction problems.
  • Combine biblical truth and practical steps for treating addictions.
  • Confront spiritual and psychological issues.

You will leave BBC with ...

  • A solid foundation of biblical knowledge for counseling.
  • Understanding of addictions, abuse, and enslaving choices.
  • A well-formulated, biblically-grounded philosophy of counseling.
  • Solid training for further education in the field of counseling.

Quick Facts

  • 61 credits
  • Prepares you to pursue a Bachelor of Science and master’s degrees that can result in certification for Addictions Counseling.
  • Qualifies you for employment in addiction treatment facilities.
  • BBC offers a B.S.C., an M.S.C. , and an M.A. in Counseling Ministries

Courses include:
Abnormal Psychology
Behavioral Addictions
Crisis Counseling
Dynamics of Discipleship
Human Growth and Development
Marriage and Family Dynamics
Substance Addictions
Understanding and Treating Addiction


What They Say
“I have passion to live for God and bring people the hope He gives...We have a program to help womenwho are dealing with addictions. We are there to offer hope and help to women who are in desperate need.”
- Stephanie Welsh, a 2009 graduate, is a drug and alcohol counselor at Woman of HopeResource Center in Berlin, NJ. Read more about Stephanie here.