BBC: Christian Bible College Academic Departments & Schools

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BBC prepares you to succeed. Our approach to education is focused on providing biblically grounded general studies coupled with a solid core of theology and practical ministry courses.

Our students are educated for effective Christian leadership within the context of one of our four schools – Bible & Theology, Arts & Sciences, Global Ministries,and Education. In addition, various academic departments exist within each school.

School of Bible & Theology
The School of Bible & Theology helps students achieve excellence in biblical education. Instruction is based on the verbal, plenary inspiration of the Bible in the original manuscripts, and recognizes its authority in all areas of life. Professors train students to adopt the grammatical, historical, literal method of Biblical interpretation.

The School of Bible & Theology includes the Biblical Exposition, Biblical Languages, and Theology departments.

Contact: Dr. David Lackey

School of Arts & Sciences
The School of Arts & Sciences prepares students for leadership by equipping them with a biblically based understanding of the world in which they will minister. Students develop a pattern for life-long learning, gain exposure to multi-cultural perspectives, and learn to effectively employ technology in their pursuit of knowledge.  

The School of Arts & Sciences includes the English and Communications, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Music, Science, and Social Studies departments.

Contact: Dr. Janet Hicks

School of Global Ministries
The School of Global Ministries assists churches in the preparation of qualified, committed, thoughtful spiritual leaders for church and church-related ministries worldwide. Students gain the skills necessary for the application and communication of Biblical truths.

The School of Global Ministries includes the Camping Ministries, Chaplaincy Ministries, Church Educational Ministries, Counseling Ministries, Office Professionals, Pastoral Ministries, Sports Ministries, and World Missions departments.

Contact: Dr. Dennis Wilhite

School of Education
The School of Education is synonymous with Teacher Education. The Teacher Education department develops graduates for effectiveness in the classroom, providing students with a strong foundation in subject matter knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and teaching skills.

The School of Education includes the Teacher Education Department.

Contact: Dr. Ritch Kelley