BBC: Study Abroad

What better way to train for global leadership than to live and learn in another country?

As a student studying abroad, you will meet new people, serve God, and travel across the globe – all while earning college credits.

Spend a semester or a year overseas and learn more about yourself, your world, and your future.

Where in the World
You can live and learn in variety of countries. Each organization is carefully selected, allowing you extendyour BBC experience across the world.

Learn more about:

  • Germany–Gain experience with European culture and history while interacting with Christian students, faculty, and staff. Travel and learn through the Ambex program and earn 15 fully accredited and transferable credits toward your degree. 

  • Greece–Athens-based Greek Bible College offers an excellent biblical education, practical ministry experience, and character formation against the backdrop of many historical locations.

  • Israel –The Israel Bible Extension program offered through The Master’s College, provides a quality higher education in the land of the Bible.  

  • Italy –Learn from professors and ministry professionals from around the world at the Saints Bible Institute in Northern Italy. Courses are accredited and transferable. Students receive their official transcript through Bryan College.

  • Peru–The Arriba! program is an internship opportunity based in Peru. Lasting 11 months, Arriba! gives students the chance to work alongside veteran church planters and other ministry professionals in the field.

BBC’s Intercultural Youth Ministries majors work directly with nationals in other countries while completing credits online. Customized independent study programs can be made by special arrangement.  For details, contact Dwight Peterson at

Classroom and Hands-On Learning
Students in all majors and fields of study benefit from the vision and perspective gained from a different culture.

As a full-time student, you will earn mostly general education credits, including courses in Bible, history, fine arts, and literature.

“It was an incredible experience. I wanted to study the Bible for at least one year and get out of my comfort zone, which God certainly did for me. How many people get to say that they visited Corinth as part of their classwork? It was such a privilege to be able to study the Bible in a place where some of it happened.”
- Suzanna Henzler, spent her BBC freshman year studying at Greek Bible Institute.

You will be exposed to cultures in need of Christ. Part of your experience will include opportunities to work with ministry professionals in service and outreach. You may assist in a variety of areas including:

  • Missions
  • Evangelism
  • Street ministry
  • Preaching
  • Community development

Quick Facts

  • Space is limited. Plan early.
  • Most programs are very affordable.
  • State and federal student financial aid options are still available.
  • It is best to study abroad early in your college career. Most courses are general education credits.
  • Field trips allow you to explore other areas.
  • Learn about the historical, spiritual, and archeological significance of your country.

For more information, contact Steve Brown at or call 570.585.9215.