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Director of Communications and Marketing

Director of Communications and Marketing

The Director of Communications and Marketing serves in a key strategic role in leading, overseeing, and integrating functional areas of communications and marketing. This role creates, delivers, manages, and evaluates messages that impact how all internal and external publics perceive the BBC&S brand(s), including ongoing aspects of rebranding and renaming. This role serves to initiate and support efforts at growing student enrollment and gift giving through planning, executing, monitoring, and evaluating brand messages on an on-going basis.

This position oversees the Communications Division which includes: Marketing, Marketing Design, Video Communications, Copy Center and Mail Center, and Switchboard.

The applicant must also be willing to sign and adhere to Baptist Bible College & Seminary's Confession of Faith and Standards of Conduct.

Those wishing to apply should fill out an online application as well as attach a current resume.

To view the job description, click here.

Posted on: 8/18/2014 12:58:44 PM