Baptist Bible College – Online Accelerated Graduate Degree Program

Put the college credits you’re already earned to work for you today.

You can take two steps forward – finish your bachelor’s degree and earn a master’s degree at the same time through dual credit.

This totally online option will save you money and time. It will also let you catch up to where you want to be in your life and ministry.

Apply online here.

If you are only interested in completing your undergraduate degree, BBC’s Degree Completion option may be for you. Watch a video about the program here.

Questions? Contact Admissions at or 800.451.7664.

The First Step
We will evaluate your prior learning and life experience to determine what you’ll need to earn your degrees.

  • Prior Learning. We review college transcripts. Applicable credits you’ve already earned will transfer over and count toward your undergraduate degree. We also consider other college equivalent experiences, including Continuing Education Units, military experience, hours of study resulting in professional certifications, and more.
  • Life Experience. We review work experience, knowledge, and competency. A portfolio assessment is done to determine what non-classroom experience may be applicable toward your undergraduate degree.

After the review, you’ll know your options in developing a plan to complete your studies.

Learn more about our evaluation of Prior Learning Experience here.

Earning Your Degrees
Your classes will satisfy the requirements for an undergraduate B.S. in Bible and a Master of Arts degree.

At the undergraduate level, you must have 30 credit hours from BBC. You may need to take more than 30 hours, depending on how many of your transfer credits relate to the underlying requirements of the degree.

When you take a graduate-level course. It is recorded separately in your undergraduate and graduate program, giving you dual credit. You must complete at least 30 graduate-level hours for a master’s degree.

Learn about graduate programs and options here.

Learn about seminary programs and options here.

Program Requirements
To enter the Accelerated Grad Program, you must:
• Be 25 or older.
• Have already completed 60 college credits.
• Have at least a 3.0 GPA at the undergraduate level.

You can take advantage of all federal and state aid available to eligible undergraduates, such as Pell Grants.

Student Financial Services can assist you in this process.

Graduate tuition rates apply. BBC&S provides special discounts and scholarships for eligible graduate students.

We Can Tell You More about the benefits of the Accelerated Grad Program