Dr. Colin SmithDr. Colin Smith, a former Baptist Bible College & Seminary professor and alumnus, died in June 2008 at his home in North Carolina.

Colin, 53, was highly respected by his colleagues and treasured by his students. His love for the Bible, the ancient languages, and critical thinking are key parts of his legacy.

From fall 2004 through spring 2007, Smith preached 15 chapel messages to the students, faculty, and staff at BBC&S. A link to each message is included below:


Date Scripture Title MP3 File
09/21/2004 Exodus 9:34-10:29 God Destroying a Culture mp3
09/22/2004 Numbers 22:8-35 God, Balaam and a Donkey mp3
01/14/2005 I Thessalonians 5:23-24 The Personal Work of the God of Peace mp3
02/01/2005 II Samuel 6:1-15 Cleansing David of Bad Habits mp3
02/02/2005 II Samuel 6:11-23 Cleansing David's House mp3
02/03/2005 II Samuel 7:1-17 David's House and God's Covenant mp3
09/01/2005 Proverbs 5:15-19 How to Live Godly in the Present World I mp3
09/02/2005 Habakkuk 2:4 How to Live Godly in the Present World II mp3
10/21/2005 II Timothy 3:1-4:4 Do Not Put Down Your Tool (The Bible) mp3
02/15/2006 John 3:22-36 Melding of Grace and Truth in John the Baptist mp3
02/16/2006 Isaiah 55:6-13 Getting Out of Step with God mp3
10/18/2006 Psalm 137-138 Psalm 137-138 mp3
10/24/2006 Psalm 139 Day of Prayer Chapel Message mp3
02/20/2007 Judges 3:12-24 Judges 3:12-24 mp3
04/24/2007 Judges 15 What God Can Do Through the Jawbone of a Donkey mp3


Date Scripture Title MP3 File
2002 II Kings 20 Thinking About Death mp3
01/20/2004 Song of Solomon Song of Solomon I mp3
01/21/2004 Song of Solomon Song of Solomon II mp3
01/22/2004 Song of Solomon Song of Solomon III mp3
07/20/2004 Proverbs 7:1-5 Discernment (Teen Leadership Conference) mp3
07/22/2004 Proverbs 31 Discernment (Teen Leadership Conference) mp3



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