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  College Seminary
January 2006
10 Tuesday   Dr. Howard Bixby
11 Wednesday   Dr. Dann Austin
12 Thursday   Dr. Bill Smallman
13 Friday   Dr. Bill Smallman
16 Monday President Jeffery  
17 Tuesday Ken Riley Ken Riley
18 Wednesday   Ken Rudolph
19 Thursday Dr. Jim Grier President Jeffery
20 Friday Dr. Jim Grier  
23 Monday President Jeffery Dr. Gary Gromacki
24 Tuesday Trustee Chapel Faculty Forum - Dr. Howard Bixby
25 Wednesday Ken Floyd Ken Floyd
26 Thursday Ken Floyd Ken Floyd
27 Friday Ken Floyd Ken Floyd
Monday 30 President Jeffery  
Tuesday 31 Philip DeCourcy  
February 2006
1 Wednesday Philip DeCourcy  
2 Thursday Philip DeCourcy Philip DeCourcy
6 Monday President Jeffery  
7 Tuesday Dwight Peterson President Jeffery
8 Wednesday Missions Conference - Po Wan Yueng
Missions Conference - Vladimir Dervishi
Vladimir Dervishi
9 Thursday Missions Conference - Salvatore Di Dio
Missions Conference - Volodymyr Degtyaryov
10 Friday Missions Conference - Po Wan Yueng
Missions Conference - Vladimir Dervishi
13 Monday Dwight Peterson Dr. Jim King
14 Tuesday Dwight Peterson Ken Davis
15 Wednesday Colin Smith Dr. Dann Austin
16 Thursday Colin Smith Dr. Lee Kliewer
20 Monday President Jeffery Global Ministry Forum - Dr. Ken Gardoski
21 Tuesday Dr. Don McCall Global Ministry Forum - Dana GottFridayed
Global Ministry Forum - Hal Miller
22 Wednesday Dr. Chuck Emert Global Ministry Forum - Jathan Newton
23 Thursday Dr. Chuck Emert  
27 Monday President Jeffery  
March 2006
6 Monday President Jeffery  
7 Tuesday Dr. Stephen Davey Dr. Stephen Davey
8 Wednesday Dr. Stephen Davey Dr. Stephen Davey
9 Thursday Dr. Stephen Davey Dr. Stephen Davey
13 Monday President Jeffery Dr. Don McCall
14 Tuesday Ken Rudolph Ken Rudolph
15 Wednesday President Jeffery President Jeffery
16 Thursday Dr. Don Holdridge  
27 Monday   Internship Focus - Jon Jones
28 Tuesday Student Preacher - Tim Shaw Internship Focus - Craig Sporcic
29 Wednesday Student Preacher - Ben Vaught President Jeffery
30 Thursday Student Preacher - Josh Vanderstel  
April 2006
3 Monday President Jeffery  
4 Tuesday Pat Nemmers  
5 Wednesday Pat Nemmers  
6 Thursday Pat Nemmers  
10 Monday President Jeffery Easter Series - Dr. Bill Arp
11 Tuesday   Ministers' Enrichment Day
President Jeffery
Dr. Mike Stallard
Dr. Rod Decker
Dr. Gary Gromacki
12 Wednesday   Easter Series - Dr. Rod Decker
13 Thursday Dr. Mike Stallard Easter Series - Ken Davis
14 Friday   Good Fridayday Service - Dr. Gary Gromacki
17 Monday President Jeffery Dr. Rod Decker
18 Tuesday Jason Nightingale Jason Nightingale
19 Wednesday Dr. Paul Jackson Dr. Paul Jackson
20 Thursday Dr. Paul Jackson  
24 Monday President Jeffery Student Preacher - Shane Miller
25 Tuesday   Student Preacher - Ty Woznek
26 Wednesday   Student Preacher - Erik Bennett
27 Thursday   Student Preacher - Brian Brunsell
May 2006
2 Tuesday David Whiting David Whiting
3 Wednesday David Whiting David Whiting
4 Thursday David Whiting David Whiting


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