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  College Seminary
August 2005
30 Tuesday Convocation Chapel
31 Wednesday President Jeffery Ken Davis
September 2005
1 Thursday Colin Smith President Jeffery
2 Friday Colin Smith Dr. Dann Austin
5 Monday   Dr. Ken Gardoski
6 Tuesday President Jeffery Dr. Bill Arp
7 Wednesday   Dr. Mike Stallard
8 Thursday   Dr. Gary Gromacki
12 Monday President Jeffery  
13 Tuesday Steve DeWitt Steve DeWitt
14 Wednesday Steve DeWitt Steve DeWitt
15 Thursday Steve DeWitt Steve DeWitt
19 Monday President Jeffery  
20 Tuesday   Faculty Forum - Dr. Howard Bixby
21 Wednesday Don McCall Chaplaincy Emphasis - President Jeffery
22 Thursday   Chaplaincy Emphasis - CPT Bert Moore
23 Friday Chaplaincy Emphasis - LTC Randy Dolinger  
26 Monday President Jeffery Dr. Gary Gromacki
27 Tuesday Dr. Wendell Kempton Dr. Wendell Kempton
28 Wednesday Dr. Wendell Kempton Dr. Wendell Kempton
29 Thursday Dr. Wendell Kempton  
October 2005
3 Monday President Jeffery  
4 Tuesday Bible Conference - Dr. Don Denyes Dr. Charles Ryrie
5 Wednesday Bible Conference - Dr. Don Denyes
Bible Conference - Dr. Charles Ryrie
Dr. Charles Ryrie
6 Thursday Bible Conference - Dr. Charles Ryrie
BIble Conference - Dr. Don Denyes
Dr. Charles Ryrie
7 Friday Bible Conference - Dr. Mark Jackson
State of the College - President Jeffery
Robert Anderson
10 Monday President Jeffery  
11 Tuesday Dan Cruver Col. Jim May
12 Wednesday David Boehning Col. Jim May
13 Thursday Joe Schloegel  
14 Friday   Faculty Forum - Dr. Mike Stallard
17 Monday President Jeffery  
18 Tuesday Dr. David Lackey  
19 Wednesday Andy Giessman  
21 Friday Colin Smith  
24 Monday President Jeffery  
26 Wednesday Dr. Charles Emert  
27 Thursday Dr. Charles Emert  
31 Monday President Jeffery Dr. Gary Gromacki
November 2005
1 Tuesday   President Jeffery
2 Wednesday   Simon Mvondo
3 Thursday Donn Hauser  
4 Friday Donn Hauser  
7 Monday President Jeffery  
8 Tuesday   Faculty Forum - Dr. Bill Arp
9 Wednesday Terry Ribble Terry Ribble
10 Thursday Terry Ribble Terry Ribble
11 Friday Dwight Peterson  
14 Monday President Jeffery  
15 Tuesday Mike Riddle Minister's Enrichment Day - Dr. Dann Austin
Minister's Enrichment Day - Dr. Howard Bixby
16 Wednesday Mike Riddle Mike Riddle
17 Thursday Mike Riddle Mike Riddle
21 Monday Dr. Ken Gardoski  
29 Monday Sam Polson Sam Polson
30 Wednesday Sam Polson Sam Polson
December 2005
1 Thursday Sam Polson Sam Polson
5 Monday Dan Burrell Dan Burrell
6 Tuesday Dan Burrell Dan Burrell
7 Wednesday Dan Burrell Dan Burrell
8 Thursday   President Jeffery
12 Monday President Jeffery Faculty Forum - Dr. Rod Decker
13 Tuesday Ken Rudolph Ken Rudolph
14 Wednesday Ken Rudolph Ken Rudolph
19 Monday   Dr. Howard Bixby
20 Tuesday   Global Outreach
21 Wednesday   Ken Davis


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