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BBC FoundationBBC Foundation can help you make an eternal difference for Jesus Christ.

We help believers enjoy spiritual and financial freedom through the cultivation of biblical stewardship.

As professionals proficient in business, finance, and ministry, we help churches, Christian organizations, and individuals reach their short and long term goals through financial education seminars, specialized planning, and more.

Planning Options
We can help you use a range of financial planning vehicles to assure both a continuing income and on-going support for ministry.

We offer informative biblically based "Achieving Financial Freedom" sessions for churches and groups.

These seminars on stewardship of life and resources can include a discussion of estate planning at any stage of life.

Contact us to arrange a date and time.

EFCADownload a seminar brochure here.

What pastors say

"We are living in a time when the average person's concepts of wealth and money lead them to some very unwise and, worse, unbiblical financial practices. The biblically sound teaching concerning stewardship offered by BBC Foundation through this seminar was a great help to all who attended and a true ministry to our church."
- Donn Hauser, Independent Baptist Church in Towanda, PA

“As a pastor, it is difficult to advise people on the sensitive nature of estates or financial planning. BBC Foundation has done this for us and many of our people have benefited. I highly recommend that pastors schedule BBC Foundation to make a presentation at your church at your earliest available time.”
- Mark Johnson of Independent Bible Church in Martinsburg, WV

"BBC Foundation has been able to develop a good working relationship with families from the church, and those families have been encouraged by Tom's input. We also saw the Lord really bless the church financially the following month they were with us, which was an important one as the year came to a close and winter was beginning. I really appreciate Tom and his heart for stewardship. BBC Foundation is a great asset for churches and individuals as we continually learn and are reminded of God's plan for the resources He lends us."
- Chris Anderson of First Baptist Church, Marathon, NY

Think Stewardship.
Create Legacy.
Impact People.

We'd welcome the opportunity to assist you. Let us know how we can help.

BBC Foundation
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BBC Foundation is a nonprofit corporation directly associated with Baptist Bible College & Seminary in Clarks Summit, PA.



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