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Sherrie Holloway  (1985)

The life-giving love of God is the focus of a new book by BBC Professor Sherrie Holloway.

"For the Love of God," is a two-part book for women, walks through truths found in Ephesians 2 and I Corinthians 9. Holloway mixes exegetical Bible study with a conversational tone to help women learn the truth about God's love.

The first part deals with God's love displayed in Jesus Christ. The second challenges readers through scriptural insights to live full lives because of that love.

"We need God's love and we are called to live in response to it," Holloway said. "The purpose of the book is to encourage women to understand what real living is and that it is possible because of God's love."

You can read more about the book and its availability at
Posted: 6/21/2013  Expires: 7/21/2013

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