Prayer Request

Becky Anderson MacKay  (1987)

Please continue to pray for Becky (Anderson, 1987) MacKay as she is undergoing treatment for colon cancer. Her 2nd treatment is scheduled for today, 4/23/13. Becky & Jeff’s oldest daughter, Ashley is a current BBC student. You may follow Becky’s journey at Here are some requests taken from her post of yesterday:
1. That I would have no or minimal nerve impact.
2. That the nausea and its cohorts would be kept under control or better yet – not at all.
3. That I would be able to sleep at night (my brain would turn off) but not all the time during the day.
4. That my dear husband would be strengthened as he tries to juggle all of his many roles and responsibilities.
5. That I will not feel “loopy” or “foggy-headed” from the medicine.
6. That my children (and I) would not be fearful. I love to quote Psalm 121.

Posted: 4/23/2013  Expires: 5/23/2013

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