Prayer Request

Tim Roberts  (1976)

Please be in prayer for Tim Roberts (1976) and his wife Renee Montgomery Roberts (attended in the 70s). Tim was in Chamber Singers and travelled with a gospel team when he was a student. (Renee is Jerry Montgomery's daughter, Mark Montgomery's sister, and Matt Montgomery's aunt.)

Brief summary from Renee's Facebook page:

March 28 - Major heart attack, 3 bypasses
March 29 - Airlifted to IU Methodist Cardiac Critical Care (Indianapolis)
April 1 - Doctors say both sides of his heart are very diseased
April 3 - Right leg amputated below the knee, his left leg is not doing well either
April 5 - Running a fever, doctors say life and death decisions will be need to be made soon

Tim has been on a ventilator and sedated all this time, and he does not know that any of this has happened.

His pay runs out in mid-April, and they have no disability insurance.

They also lost a child, Michael, many years ago.

Posted: 4/17/2013  Expires: 5/17/2013

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