February 2014 Update

Carol Ciocca  (1971)

February 2014 up-date
RGBI (Rio Grande Bible College) - This semester we are seeing a strong missionary emphasis to un-reached people groups both in the USA and in foreign countries. We realize that Hispanics are welcome in some places where North Americans are not welcome. The Hispanic students are being prepared to reach these people for the Lord. The Missionary Language School has fifteen students this semester who are studying Spanish to be able to reach Hispanics here and in other countries.
Grace Bible Baptist Church Spanish ministry - We continue our outreach in a local poor Spanish community with monthly food distribution and twice a month outdoor Bible clubs. Lately it has been difficult getting the children to come Thursday afternoons with so many after school activities at their schools. Please pray attendance will increase and we will be able to find a way to disciple those who have accepted Christ as their personal Savior.
In our English ministry- In March we are looking forward to a report from a brother serving as a military chaplain, and another brother who will be guiding us in a Jewish Passover Feast where we will be making the food. Pray the Lord will use these special meetings to win some of our friends and neighbors to the Lord.
Pray the children will come more faithfully to our Sunday morning and early Sunday evening classes as well as Wednesday evening prayer meeting. Abigail and I prepare different children's lessons for each of these services and many times there are no children to teach.
Health - Due to some difficult health issues these days it is necessary for me to lighten my load. Therefore, in consultation with my sending church pastor, the mission representative, and the pastor of the church in which I am serving here, I have turned in my resignation letter to the president of RGBI. I hope to be able to remain until after the May 13th graduation. The Lord has given me nine happy years there and through this part time paid position has given me the financial help I needed to be able to live and serve in the Rio Grande Valley. I've enjoyed the many different opportunities to serve the Lord and the very special friends that I have had among the staff and students there. My life will be changing big time but this seems to be the best way to go for now. Please pray the Lord will provide my replacement in time for me to train him/her before I leave.
I am still a full time missionary with Baptist Church Planters and hope to be able to take advantage of other bilingual opportunities to minister here.
Other Prayer Requests:
• Help to downsize - sort, toss, give away, etc.
• Physical strength to keep up with household duties and ministries
• McAllen Symphonic Band as we celebrate our 40th anniversary during our March 25 concert.
Pray I will be able to get enough ushers to help with extra duties at that concert. This will be the last concert for both the director and the assistant director. Pray we will find good replacements and I will be able to continue giving out Gospel tracts with candy each holiday.
• All financial needs will be met even without the salary from RGBI
• Some of my supporting churches are having financial problems

Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support. You are a vital part of this ministry.
Please send me your e-mail address so you can receive more frequent up-dates.
In Christ,
Carol A. Ciocca

Posted: 2/27/2014  Expires: 3/29/2014

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