February 2014 Update

Nick & Krista Rachevsky  (2003)

Helping Missionaries By Teaching Their Children

Recently, I (Krista) have been thinking about family legacy. After my grandmother passed away in August, my extended family has been sharing pictures and documents from days gone by. Hearing stories and "seeing history" in photos has made me stop and think about what kind of legacy I am leaving, both in my home and in this beautiful country of Portugal. When I think of my grandmother, I think of how much she loved God and how much she prayed to Him. She walked with God and it spilled into all of her conversations and life. What a reminder to daily seek God's face. What will my kids say about me when I am gone? How will God use my surrendered life for His glory? This is my prayer for this year, to live fully surrendered to God. Even though I am a missionary and have already "surrendered my life", if you will, to serve Him away from my home country, I must still daily surrender to live for Him and not myself. To be willing to joyfully serve my family and those I come into contact with throughout the day. Please pray for both Nick and I as we seek to draw closer to God this year.

Nick has opportunities each day to influence lives. Please pray for wisdom for him as he teaches not only math and computers, but also shares about Christ and builds into students' lives for His glory. One struggle as a teacher is figuring out how to explain things to students who are struggling. This difficulty is compounded here as many of his students are learning English in the school and then trying to use their new language to figure out complicated math problems. Please also continue to pray for several students who do not yet know Christ as their personal Savior.

After a few years of mainly focusing on the two little lives God has given me to care for, I am enjoying the freedom to become more involved in my church and ministry. Noah is thoroughly enjoying kindergarten 3 full days a week and is flourishing. He is now reading the Bible during our nightly family devotions. A few times, Nick has looked over at me confused as I softly laughed. I am amazed at how smoothly he is reading the text and knows how the text should flow. Isaac just turned 3 in December and is growing up so quickly. He loves playing with matchbox cars and building towers. I am so grateful to have him home with me during the day.

Please pray for us in the next few months as we continue to minister to those God has placed in our lives. Please pray that more people from the community will come to our English classes at our church. Please pray for the ones that have not yet accepted Christ.

Our family has been asked by the school to take our one senior on a class trip this April. After much investigation and prayer, we have found affordable flights and housing for a week in Switzerland. Nick and our international student plan to enjoy the Alps by snowboarding them! The boys and I plan on enjoying the Alps by looking out the window of our hotel or train. We are looking forward to seeing snow and more of God's beautiful creation! Our boys have only seen snow two or three times in their lives and can't wait. I know those of you in North America are thinking we are crazy at this point. Most people go to warmer places for spring break and we are purposefully going where it is cold. This could also explain the low costs we found. :) Please be in prayer for us especially for opportunities to share Christ with this student. He is asking good questions, but has not yet accepted Christ.
Posted: 2/27/2014  Expires: 3/29/2014

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