February 2014 Update

Stephen & Jan Wivell  (1970)

Dear Praying Friends,
Summer is coming to its end in the southern hemisphere. March 1 is the start of autumn. Our native trees here do not drop their leaves, hence the season is referred to as autumn instead of “fall”. We were blessed with opportunities for ministry during the summer school break, such as several Christmas outreaches, pulpit supply preaching, and a visit to youth camp to promote the Bible college. Autumn also heralds the start of the school year at Victoria Baptist Bible College. Our classes resumed this week. Stephen is teaching two subjects:Greek C and Bible Doctrine C which covers sin and salvation. Continue praying for the college board as they seek the man of God's choice for the position of Vice Principal to help with the administration work load. The entire board will meet on April 5 to
vote on hiring the candidate to start work in July. He is a graduate of VBBC and a former student of Steve's. Jan and I will train the vice principal in all aspects of the administration work. When our next furlough is due in 2015, this man should be ready to continue the work in our absence. This will be the first time the college has used an Australian as our furlough replacement.
We are looking forward to a visit from our daughter in March-May. Anna Beth also serves with BMM but in Africa. This visit is a mini furlough while she gives report in several churches that financially support her. While she is here we will be taking a few day trips to some favorite tourist spots. She will take advantage of being in a westernized country to get some needed medical attention which can't be handled where she lives. She won't have a car during her visit so we will be her chauffeurs to meetings and appointments.
At our church, Pastor Frank will be having non-invasive heart surgery on Friday. He is expected to be out of the pulpit for 5 Sundays. We are blessed with several Bible college grads and students in our church who are always eager to get opportunities to preach so they will help with pulpit supply. Steve will preach for one of the Sundays. Pastor Ernie, who pastors the church on whose property the Bible college sits, will be having a more serious surgery. He has cancer
of the pancreas. He will be out of the pulpit for 3 months. Anna will be reporting at this church on one of those Sundays and Steve will preach the sermon on that day. Both of these men are graduates of VBBC and dear friends of ours. PRAYER - Wisdom in hiring a Vice Principal at VBBC Safety in travels, fruitful furlough ministry, and medical needs for Anna Beth The Lord's will in the healing of Pastor Frank and Pastor Ernie
Posted: 2/19/2014  Expires: 3/21/2014

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