February 2014 Update

Paul & Elaine Kintner  (1965)

We are blessed daily with the love of our Lord and Savior, whom we love and serve. Although we are far from equaling His love for us, we grow daily as we approach Him through His Word and prayer. Each day He meets us at His throne, and daily loads us with benefits.

Paul traveled to Dominican Republic last month to present the need for a distributor for EBI in that country. He preached in three churches, met with pastors and visited two local Christian bookstores. Nothing definite was decided however the association of churches there is considering how they might handle the distribution. Continue to pray with us for the outcome. He is planning a trip to Ecuador March 7-18 for the same purpose. We already have a willing distributor with good contacts throughout Ecuador, and we need to investigate shipping arrangements there.

Though we enjoy fellowship and preaching at the Baptist Church here in the village, we also enjoy getting around to Hispanic churches within driving distance. Occasionally Paul is asked to preach and encourage the churches in the use of Christian Education materials. Elaine recently gave a lesson on the use of Sunday School children’s materials via SKYPE to Guadalajara, Mexico. We look forward to more of this in the future.

We would ask you to pray for Christ Lives Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC. As you know last March we left the church in hands of the Hispanic pastor. We praise the Lord for his leadership through a difficult transition. Last month the area experienced extreme cold, a low of 5 degrees, and being unfamiliar with such extremes, and with the heat off on days when there are no services in the building, the pipes froze producing numerous leaks, perhaps to the total loss of the heating system. They have been meeting since then with no heat in the auditorium, and space heaters in the Sunday School rooms. The system has not been evaluated yet, but they are anticipating a great expense to either repair or replace the entire heating system, converting to a forced air system, more modern and suitable to the region. We are planning to travel to Winston-Salem later this month to advise them and seek help for this need.

Our doctor here in Florida sent Paul to a cardiologist due to an irregular heartbeat which he has had since childhood. After an extensive battery of tests, two-week monitoring, stress tests, etc. he had a heart cauterization on Tuesday, February 12th. That procedure gave no indication of problems, so for now life continues as before. Elaine will see a rheumatologist on February 14th. Pray that she can find help for some painful physical problems. We continue to praise the Lord for the measure of health we have to serve the Lord. Also for faithful friends who make it possible for us to continue in this ministry.

In HIS service,
Paul and Elaine

Posted: 2/19/2014  Expires: 3/21/2014

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