February 2014 Update

Dave & Lucinda Lewis  (1984)

We have had some very lean years but as we have besought God, He is moving in wonderful ways. While our support is still only
60%, God brought us through the end of the year with His Glorious
provision. We have had several special gifts come in and one large
gift. The gift will help get us back on track. So PRAISE the LORD
with us!!! He truly is an awesome God!
We still need to get our support back up to where it needs to be.
If each of you receiving this letter, who are not already supporting us,
would give just $5 a month our need would be met. We send this
letter to over 500 people. Only a small percent support financially. I
believe most support us in prayer and that IS critical! The blessings
of giving are great. We cannot out give God. Thanks for reading,
praying, giving and asking God what you can do to help us reach
Urban America for Christ. Just $5,10,15 a month can make a big

While we were planning and hoping to go to Africa to help with a camp start up there, the Lord has not allowed that. Only one gift has come in towards that trip. We believe, at least for this time, that a trip to Mexico with the MAPS apprentices is what God wants David to do.
They are restarting a camp there and we will be building a ropes course. This is something I have experience in and would be a great help to making this happen. The cost of the trip is $500. If you could partner with us in this endeavor it would be a great encouragement to the children of Torreon, Mexico.

The Administrative Council just finished a week of strategic planning. I am so excited about what God is doing at Cedine. Our numbers have been down, which has forced us to really look at what the Lord wants us to do. We have put some plans in place to help move us to where we are meeting the needs of those coming.
By investing in the staff, we will impact the lives of the campers in a way that they will want to come back to a place where they experienced the healing presence of God.

Love, David and Lucinda

I have been given the opportunity to go on a missions trip to Torreon Mexico this April! This is a very exciting thing for me! God has put missions on my heart since I was very young and this trip will help me explore my options and find the place that I can best serve Him with my life. I will be helping the missionaries there rebuild a
camp that they have taken over from a previous missionary, whose wife died and ministering to the people from the village. The cost of this trip will be $500. I will also need a passport which is $135. Any
support you could give would be greatly appreciated! As always your prayers are very needed! I am so grateful for all my prayer warriors out there. You are very dear to my heart!
Serving Him,

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, thank you for your prayers as I make many decisions that I pray are God’s will for me. I have received an invitation to go back to Mexico. It was Mexico that was used by God to draw me closest to Himself. I hope to spend time with God and my family in Christ, with the expectation of finding more of God’s direction for my life. What I ask of you is your prayers. If
God wants me to go to Mexico, He will provide the money.
In the service of our Protector,
Posted: 2/19/2014  Expires: 3/21/2014

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