February 2014 Update

Jane Schmitz  (1983)

JANE SCHMITZ from Montreal-Nord

In the past few weeks I have been seeking God’s direction for serving Him here in Montreal-Nord. Allow me to share with you how He has been answering:

1. As of 2 weeks ago, all papers have been signed and the church is the new owner of a building that needs renovation. This is a great answer to prayer for the church as they have been looking, praying and waiting for some time to have a place where all those that attend can gather at one service. It is also a big deal as Quebec laws do not make it easy with zoning for churches. Please be praying that God would give wisdom in decisions and provide financially. Parking will also be a problem and the bus stop isn’t too close, but we hope this won’t hinder regular attendees. They are hoping to be in the new building in June. I still have another repair on the car and the part isn’t to be found here in Canada, but the mechanic next to the new church building thinks he can help me. Pray for opportunities to share Christ with him, as we interact.
2. I have been able to make all sorts of visits. One Cameroonian family in the church just gave birth to their first child, so I went by to encourage them with a meal and see their beautiful baby. Another lady’s mother passed away in Haiti and she was unable to go for the funeral. She hadn’t seen her mother in person in 15 years, so this is very hard for her. My friend, Anide and I were able to visit her the other evening, bring her a meal and just be with her and pray for her.
3. The Lord has opened the door for me to do discipleship Bible studies with 3 people. Madeleine, from Yaoundé, Cameroon came here to help her son for 6 months with childcare. She made a profession of faith just after Christmas. We are now into the 4th study and she is very hungry for the Word. Sandrine, accepted the Lord a few years ago and has done some studies for Christian growth, but she is still not baptized by immersion. We will be meeting to discuss this more while she is still at home with her baby. Eventually she will need to go back to work. The other day she invited me to help with a 4 hour process of making a traditional Cameroonian dish. Sandrine is also from Cameroon. Myrdgene, a young lady with a Haitian background, desires to be baptized, so I will be meeting with her to be sure she understands this step. Her testimony is quite moving, as she had been connected to a gang here in this area . God protected her when another gang member was shot to death and another attacked. She later heard the gospel watching a TV pastor. Pray for her as she really wants to follow the Lord and walk with Him, but it isn’t easy for her.
4. For gospel opportunities, God has allowed me to rub shoulders with the following people…please pray for the right words to share at the right time…
Michaelle a Haitian woman, who attends our church and says she believes in Jesus as her Savior, but she doesn’t believe that Jesus is God and that he was created. Pray for me as I meet with her again this week to talk about that from the Word. Only God can open her eyes on this.
Suzanne, a Quebecer that sells me fuel, has chatted with me about taking a “pilgrimage”. Pray we may be able to make a contact outside of work.
Zahir, from Algeria, sold me my guest mattress and we have talked briefly about “religion”. He is a Muslim studying theology at the university. Pray for wisdom as to how to connect more with him. He is very busy, but is open to receive materials to read. He shared with me that many of his professors in theology are atheists.
Paul and Aniesse, my Cameroonian neighbors in the apartment building, have a Catholic church background. I am hoping to have an opportunity to talk about having a relationship the Lord with them. Their family recently came over to eat at my place and to meet another Cameroonian family from church. Pray for open doors.
Jackie, the pastor’s wife and I went to visit a Haitian lady that attends the church. She recently came e here from Haiti. Mimose, was sure she was going to heaven because she does what God asks. Jackie took the opportunity to share that salvation is only through faith in Jesus and a gift to receive. Mimose could quote all the verses with us, but hadn’t understood this before and prayed to receive salvation by faith. Her daughter, Famenta, was also present and prayed, too. Their French comprehension is a bit limited, but we believe they understood. Pray that God would continue to speak truth into their hearts. I am hoping to have a Bible study in Creole with them, if they accept. (Creole for them, French for me. ) ABWE now has The Way to Joy in Creole, so I am excited about sharing that with them.
Michelle is a Haitian I met in Port au Prince,Haiti when we were stuck waiting for our flight out, after the original one was cancelled. She was also stranded and staying in the same guest house with us. She works in my Montreal neighborhood as a nurse. We plan on meeting during her lunch hour this Friday. Pray for opportunities to talk about spiritual things with her.
5. I have also been teaching the children on Wednesday prayer night once a month and had the recent privilege of share my testimony and a Bible meditation with the women of the church .

I still have many other ministry opportunities to consider and see if God is leading me in some other areas as well. Pray for wisdom and that I will know God’s will for me here. Praise God with me as He opens doors to serve here. Pray for me as I try to work on learning a little bit more Creole and continue to seek to connect with the Haitians all around me.
See the attached picture from last evening with the 2 Cameroonian families "chez moi".

Posted: 2/19/2014  Expires: 3/21/2014

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