February 2014 Update

Roy & Nancy Jons  (1976)

Dear Supporting Churches and Friends,

February is already upon us and we’re wondering where this new year has gone. When we started the new work in Torres de la Alameda, we didn’t really know what to expect. We knew that God was leading us there and have been overwhelmed by His blessings. Since we began we have had an average of about 20 in attendance. Without realizing it we have started an international church. Aside from the Spaniards and Americans, we have people from Romania, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Denmark, Columbia, and Syria. There are six from Torres de la Alameda that have been coming regularly and about the same number who come with us from Campo Real. We feel like we have just scratched the surface of possibilities in this part of the province of Madrid. We are only impacting a few towns and there are many more around us. Thanks for praying for this very needy area of Spain.

As we begin the new year, we are also beginning several new activities. The ladies have begun an evangelistic outreach with coffee time and a handcraft activity. In the first meeting, Isabel shared her testimony with 12 ladies. A Bible study will begin on a weekly basis for the ladies who are attending the center. We are opening for the young people in the neighborhood to play ping-pong and foosball. Our first outreach was not well attended but we hope we can build a group as time goes by. We are having an English Festival on Saturdays so kids can come in and practice their English and have fun at the same time. The Valentine’s Banquet will be held in the Center on February 15. The Coslada church has been invited as well. This will be a great opportunity to invite our unsaved friends. We hope to post some photos after the event so check that out on our website:

As we shared with you in a previous letter, David and Kimberly Pozo have been participating with us. What a blessing they have been! The last Sunday of January, the team met with them to ask what their plans would be for the future. They are very enthusiastic about this new work and want to continue serving with us. David will continue to preach every third Sunday and he will be developing a strategy for street evangelism. Their baby is due any day now and once they get adjusted to their new life, they would like to move to Torres de la Alameda so that they can be more involved in the ministry. Right now they live almost an hour away. It has been a sacrifice for them to come to the center especially since Kimberly is pregnant. They have several prayer requests that are related to their move. They will need to find an affordable apartment in Torres de la Alameda and purchase a car; their job situation is not the best so David may need to find a new job. This sounds like a lot but we have a big God who is in control of all things. We know they would greatly appreciate your prayers.

Raul and Ana have been a tremendous help and blessing as well. Last month Raul had an accident and his car rolled over twice. Thankfully he was not hurt too badly but their car was totaled. They are in the process of buying a new car. Raul is our worship leader, playing the guitar and guiding the worship time. Ana is helping Nancy with the kids’ class. So far their kids are the only ones attending. Pray with us for more families. It is amazing to see how God is building His church in Torres de la Alameda and we are thankful that you are a part with us through your prayers and gifts.

In His Service,

Roy & Nancy Jones

Posted: 2/19/2014  Expires: 3/21/2014

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