February 2014 Update

Steve & Mary Jo Mills  (1976)

Dear Friends,

Wow, where has time gone! We are in 2014 already! Perhaps you are like Steve in that he thought the rapture would have occurred by now!

We had an unanticipated surprise in November with the approval of Steve’s Disability Insurance. When we started this whole process, they told us not to anticipate a response from the Social Security process until at least the New Year, and then to plan on having to reapply 2 or 3 times before we would receive the final answer. God very graciously gave the positive answer in November. A month early AND a positive one at that. PTL!! We are going to receive word from ABWE regarding the start of the retirement process soon, with our return from Togo.

We would like to give you an update on what took place in Togo. Thank you to so many of you who prayed as we packed before our departure, then for a safe journey, and then as we went through the process of packing. As many of you know, a good friend of ours-Bob Rohm-a retired Vice President from Cedarville University, went along to help us in whatever capacity needed. With Steve’s memory issues Bob preached at several national churches as well as at our employee devotions, the nursing students and at the missionary English service held at our guesthouse. He and Betty Teusink helped with the packing of all of our belongings and all of those of accumulated things for 25years and then with packing the container which will be en route soon. Truly, we would not have been able to get all of this done without the help of these good friends and colleagues. Then John Teusink performed the “miracle” of getting all of the homeward bound items onto a 20 foot sea container, which is now waiting it’s turn to be shipped out of Togo on the 15th of February.

We want to thank you for faithfully praying for our children and grandchildren. You may not know that Eric and Kellie’s son; Jesse was hospitalized in December just before Christmas for a bad cough and congestion with upper respiratory problems, but is doing well now. His brother-Jonah came down with the same thing, but was treated early and did not need hospitalization.

David went on a ship off the coast of Madagascar to pick up some supplemental income as research doesn’t pay much at all and those college loans need to be cared for. Once again, the Lord has kept him safe, as there is much danger with pirating of these big ships. He is now back to his research in Uganda.

We have been told that we may not recognize our house with all the snow that Grand Haven has received. We experienced almost a 1000 difference.

During our time in Togo we had the privilege of being in several of our National friend’s home for supper and fellowship. What a blessing that was for each of us as we fellowshipped, remembering many good years of service together. Just before we left we were treated to a meal with a man that is the owner of a motel that Steve found years ago in the capital, and he was able to negotiate a price for the stays of many of our colleagues as they went down to Lomé for shopping or business trips. But, he told us that there would be no charge for the day rooms we had reserved, out of remembrance for what Steve had to do with this particular Guest House. This man is another example of how the Lord brings people into our lives to share the love of the Lord Jesus with.

We asked you to pray for our ministry in Mango and would like to mention this again. There is a lot to be done there before the scheduled opening of the hospital in 2015, and we know they would greatly appreciate your prayers and or help. Check out their website to see how you or maybe your church, small group or SS can help. Here is the website: You may have to do a copy and paste of the address as it may not go into a link format (or so it appears).

We want to again thank you for your help and participation in all of this. We couldn’t have done this (trip and packing) without your generous contribution and prayers. So, we say a big thank you to so many of you who have supported us and prayed for all these years. We would covet your prayers as we continue on this new road the Lord has for us to travel and that we would do it with loving, trusting hearts for our precious Lord and Savior.

In His Service,

Posted: 2/4/2014  Expires: 3/6/2014

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