February 2014 Update

Jeff & Christie Lothamer  (1998)

Thank you for your prayers.

Please continue to pray for Misty. As some of you know she was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes almost two weeks ago. This is the kind of diabetes that one has for life and has nothing to do with diet, but makes her insulin dependant so that her body can use the carbs she eats for energy. Please ask Him for grace for our family and to show His power and glory to those who are watching us as we journey this new path.

Please prayer for me, Jeff, this week as I am beginning two groups that will be reading through, and discussing the Story of God. The first group is with some of our young people, ages 12-14, who are part of our Gospel Community. The second group will be all men. Many of those participating will learn God's bigger story for the first time. Please ask Him to open the ears of these boys and men to hear the life changing news of the Jesus and that the enemy would not distract these men from participation.

Finally, please continue to pray about our visa situation. As you may remember, a few months ago we received news from the UK Border Agency that Reign Ministries' ability to have people in the UK on a Minister of Religion visa has been suspended. We submitted an appeal around the 1st December. We are still waiting for a response. Please ask Him to make a way for us to stay in the UK and/or that His will would be done.

Thank you for your participation in God's mission with us. We love each one of you.

Posted: 2/4/2014  Expires: 3/6/2014

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