February 2014 Update

Jake & Sandy Schrader  (1976)

Dear Praying Friends,
It's good to be back with you again and good to hear from some of you this past week. A verse that comes to mind this week is "THOSE WHO SOW IN TEARS SHALL REAP IN JOY." Psalm 126:5 With tearful eyes I have some of our prayer requests answered:

SOWING IN TEARS: Yesterday i got a phone call. It was the manager, Corne' with MTN. It was just like he couldn't get us out of his mind.. We want to survey your land to install our cell phone receiver. Would Feb. 12th work for you?' With tears in my eyes, I said "Well, Lord, here we go again!" I said, 'No problem my security man will be there to open the gate. Then he said, "I need to talk to you to you as well. Could you come too/" Six months ago I had witnessed to Corne' the first time he came to our site. With tears in my eyes, pray for what the Lord is going to do on Wednesday, Feb. 12th.

SOWING IN TEARS: Many teens and kids with tears in their eyes were hugging and looking up into my face saying "Pastor i so missed you and have been praying for you. Sabata who I am convinced has an addiction to Weed. Came last Sunday bringing to new guys with him. He cannot work back in our Sunday school department until he demonstrates genuine repentance, but good to have him back.

SOWING IN TEARS: With tears in my eyes Restore Baptist church will celebrate its first Lord's Supper this Sunday. Pastor Revival will bring the message and I will distribute the bread and cup. WE ARE EXCITED!

SOWING IN TEARS: With tears in our 48 teens on Friday nite, they love to sing DRAW ME CLOSE TO YOU NEVER LET ME GO. I LAY IT ALL DOWN AGAIN TO HEAR YOU SAY THAT I'M YOUR FRIEND. Yes, it grips my heart to hear squatter camp kids who have so very little bursting forth in song. In fact, Pastor Revival came to me a bit astonished saying "These kids are famished. Some said to me, "Pastor Revival this is the only descent meal we get all week long!" Folks, I could not speak. My eyes just welled up with tears as I nodded in agreement with what these teens had said. "YOUR ALL I WANT, YOUR ALL I EVER NEEDED. HELP ME FIND A WAY, BRING ME BACK TO YOU."
Pray for Sandy and I and Pastor Revival as we seek to bring many back to Him.

February 8 Update
Dear Praying Friends,
We are in the midst of our good ole summer time. Though sad to say "THE HEAT" seems to get turned up" on Restore Ministries more than usual lately. God does remind us it really for our good. even though it is hard to believe at times. 'THAT THE TRIALS OF OUR FAITH ,BEING MUCH MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD THAT PERISHES, THOUGH IT BE TESTED WITH FIRE, MAY BE FOUND TO PRAISE, HONOR AND GLORY AT THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST." 1 Peter 1:7.

THE HEAT: Some of you have been praying for Sabata our littlest ruffian. Sabata now 18 has lived a pretty hard life. Some of this has been because he never knew his parents and has a hard time believing that any ones cares. Some of this is due to wrong decisions he has chosen to make most of his life. Yes, we believe he has finally come to know the Lord, but still at times chooses the wrong path. As an ole preacher once said, "THE MINISTRY IS SUCH A GLORIOUS CHOICE OF SERVICE IF IT WASN'T FOR JUST ONE THING.............PEOPLE!" Sabata continues to need our prayers and even more so our patience. He promised our leadership that he wanted nothing more to do with "weed." It causes him to suddenly make wrong decisions that has hurt him and others. Those who live at Virginia's shelter not only eat and sleep there, BUT WORK THERE! See. 2 Thes. 3;10,11. We have been taking down our second stories at Restore due mainly to instability. what is the cost? NO COST to Restore. Our people haul the bricks to use on their own places at Hani Park. Sabata came to work last Saturday morning with the other guys. Danniel, our security man needed to go into town and left the electric lawn mower out to be used later. ( we operate it by generator). Suddenly there was laughter from everybody. Sabata was acting "the clown."had started up the mower and was running with it all over the property. Suddenly the mower hits a brick sitting low in the grass. That now means a major repair bill for the mower, possibly even a new one (about $300.00). We planned to meet with him last week, but Sabata disappeared. Yesterday Sabata appears at Friday nite teens sick as a dog half starved, and dehydrated. After about a week the prodigal had returned. As I said, PRAY FOR SABATA AND PRAY FOR US.

We are begging for your continued prayer,as the HEAT has been turned up in our struggle to get possession of the container so many of you so lovingly sacrificed and worked to send over for the children at Restore. We need a cool and clear mind, and much wisdom from above in handling the situation.

THE HEAT: Phelisa, Revival's wife is not well at all and needs your prayers. This leaves my brother to care for the SIX VULNERABLE CHILDREN who stay at their place. Revival has been a breath of fresh air to us when THE HEAT goes up here at Restore Ministries. PRAY SHE WILL RECOVER QUICKLY.

When THE HEAT goes up, Sandy and I are so blessed to receive the SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS that continually come our way through your prayers and sacrificial giving.
Jake & Sandy

February 12 Update
As Usual, God's people have been praying and BOOM, BANG, POW! We have got the BREAK THROUGH information to get that container to our front door at Restore! We must have a certain amount of money THAT MUST BE WIRED to Federal Clearing And Forwarding' Bank account. This is not simply one of those "ear chewing" complicated conversations, but we have it down in BLACK AND WHITE as you see stated below. FCF has clearly stated that due to increased daily storage costs etc, etc. if they receive FIVE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS AND THIRTY FOUR CENTS between FEBRUARY 07 AND February 20th, the container will be on its way. After the 20th of Feb. storage fees will once again begin to escalate and nailing down an exact price begins one again the game of 'smoke and mirrors." We need to round this off to $6000.00 due to foreign exchange rates that constantly fluctuate between the rand and the dollar. IF YOU CAN PLEASE SEND YOUR CONTRIBUTION AS AN OVER NITE DELIVERY TO
Central Missionary Clearinghouse
PO BOX 218229
Houston, TX 77218
Thanks so very much for your precious and important part in this BREAK THROUGH. We have also attached an itemized break down from Federal Clearing & Forwarding.
Truly Elated,
Jake & Sandy

Good Day Jakes

Please see attached copy of the draft invoice for charges from the 07.02.2014 till the 20.02.2014.

Kind Regards
Rackel Subiah
Federal Clearing and Forwarding (Pty) Ltd

February 18 Update
Hello Everybody,
We just thought we would give you an UPDATE on how the funds are developing for our container. A supporter wrote, 'We trust God will truly MULTIPLY it over and over again so you can get the items needed".... Well this couple sent $465.00. Then another couple sent $2000.00. Then others from their church raised $1800.00 more.
Our total before the deadline when our storage costs will once again increase is now $4265.00! We have been praying for $6000.00 just to be sure we can cover the bank charges and the South African exchange rate..


From $465.00 to FOUR THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE DOLLARS is super multiplying in just 24 hours that's how our God works through HIS PEOPLE.
Amen? Amen.

We will continue to keep you informed.

February 20 Update
Dear Praying Friends,
Our Lord knew the day was coming when His disciples would soon be on their own. He would at least bodily be leaving them. With this in mind He said, "THEREFORE DO NOT WORRY SAYING WHAT SHALL WE EAT OR WHAT SHALL WE DRINK OR HOW SHALL WE PAY FOR THE CONTAINER (OOPS, that was Jake's amplified Version).


YES, THANKS TO GOD'S PEOPLE PRAYING AND GIVING, WE GOT THE FULL $6000.00 TO COVER OUR CONTAINER COSTS In A RECORD AMOUNT OF TIMEand then some. Who knows there may be a charge or two around the bend from these Freighting people. We don't know but................HE KNOWS. Yes our loving and all providing Heavenly Father knows!

PRAY the big lorry will soon be rolling from Durban to Welkom with our container safely strapped to its back.

PRAY for Rackel and Louise, agents who work for Federal Clearing & Forwarding will finally have all lose ends tied up, as she promised me on the phone today.WE DID MEET THE DEADLINE.

Once again, what a humbling reminder from On High..............HE KNOWS! Amen? Amen!
Humbled once again,
Jake & Sandy

Posted: 2/4/2014  Expires: 3/6/2014

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