February 2014 Update

Dale & Karen Marshfield  (1977)

Thank You
Christians depend upon the grace of God. It quiets our fears before a holy God, sustains our labors for God, and moves us closer to the image of God. How this all happens is a bit mystical, but it is also very tangible. Our lives are surrounded by the means of grace. Christian community, the printed Word of God, prayer, and for Karen and me - you. Yes, you are one of the means of grace in our lives and ministry. Your prayers, financial support, and letters of encouragement are conduits through which God's grace flows to us. So, we start 2014 with a word of thanks to you and to God for you.

Pray for...
1. The various events on our schedule at the left.
2. The Horizon International Schools. HIS provides online training for Christian workers in Portugal, Eastern Europe (Russian), Bangladesh, Brazil, and the Caribbean. Pray for this important ministry. They have a staff of four missionary couples and two singles as well as a number of faithful volunteers. Most of the missionaries are under supported. Pray God would provide additional monthly support. You can learn more here:
3. In March, Harry Gebert and I will provide training and coaching for a young team in Dar Es Salaam. They have a passion to bring the Gospel to this strongly Islamic country. Pray for us as we train and help this team refine their strategic plans.
4. I am leading a team that is redesigning our prefield training for new missionaries. We are making progress. Our deadline is April 27. Pray that we will be able to design a program that will help new missionaries hit the ground running.
5. We are currently 1700.00 / month under supported. Please pray that God would give us opportunities to share what He is doing in this ministry and that he would raise up people to financially partner with us.
6. Pray for the funds needed to fulfill our commitments to minister this year in Thailand, Tanzania, South Africa, Swaziland, The Philippians, Jamaica, and Benin.

Posted: 2/4/2014  Expires: 3/6/2014

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