October 2013 Update

Ruth Rising  (1988)

Hi Everyone,
It has been a long time since I wrote a general letter to everyone but I wanted to give you the news that my support is up from approximately 60% when I was home in March/April to now about 85% on a regular basis. I am praising the Lord for His great provision in my life! Thank you ALL of you for praying and to so many who have also given. There are still times when my support is up and down but overall, it is up and I am SO thankful!
I am also thankful for the provision of a new laptop as my previous one died more than a month ago. There’s only so much you can do on a phone so I am very thankful for this one. I manage to kill one about every 3 years and almost to the day, I killed the last one. Our CFO for BOMI came to Bethesda for the board meetings this past week and was able to bring my new computer and help me set it up so I am so thankful to Andy Sommers for his help! Now to figure out Windows 8!
Another bit of exciting news is that Bethesda has been able to take in two new children. Nkosi (Nn-koh-zee) and Siyabonga (See-ya-bohn-gah). These two brothers were in a good foster care home but it was a short term placement so there was always the need for a longer, more permanent home for them so they are now officially placed into the Shikwambane’s home.
I am continuing to plug along in the office working on various PR projects, helping the school which is growing, as well as assisting in the finances and overall operations at Bethesda. It’s a busy place! We are now starting to enjoy our 11th team of this year. I believe this is a new record for us but God has been so good in bringing us so many people to visit, pray, minister and help with the various projects that keep our village going.
One of the many blessings of living in South Africa (besides the people I minister to, my church, and my co-workers) is the amazing wildlife (the giant bugs, grasshoppers and insane, crunchy Christmas beetles do not count!). I had the privilege of going to the Kruger National Park recently with one our interns and another friend for a few days. We had a blast and were able to see so many amazing animals! We did lose our dinner supplies to the baboons one evening and ate popcorn instead  I am including a few fun pictures from that trip just to give you a small taste.
Thank you again for your consistent and faithful prayers and for your generosity to me in support. I continue to be your representative in God’s ministry here at Bethesda.
Serving Christ,

Posted: 10/25/2013  Expires: 11/24/2013

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