October 2013 Update

Krista & Nick Rachevsky  (2003)

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support for our family and ministry here in Portugal. We
are grateful for how God is continuing to stretch us and use us. We are very mindful that this is
all because of God’s grace in our lives and your willingness to serve Him by partnering with us.
This fall, we are grateful for the opportunities we have to be even more involved in ministry here
in Portugal. As the seasons are changing once again, so are our lives. This September, we not
only sent Nick off to school, but Noah as well. One month into kindergarten, Noah couldn’t be
happier. He loves school and has even asked why Isaac can’t come as well. We are grateful for
the smooth transition. Isaac and I have also enjoyed our three days a week alone. Since Noah
has gone to school, I have discovered that Isaac isn’t as quiet as I once thought. He loves to tell
me stories as well as help bake muffins, hang up laundry and watch baby Einstein. (Although he
assures me every time that he is NOT a baby, and at almost 3, I can’t really argue with him).
Thank you for praying for our summer ministries. We were so encouraged to be able to
participate in two Vacation Bible School programs as well as two camps. It was stretching to
minister in Portuguese, but we were encouraged to see our progress in the last 5 years. Nick
and I were both able to pass the intensive Portuguese university classes we took during the
month of August. This month was especially difficult for me with stress of class, several hours of
homework most evenings and the normal load of housework, parenting, etc. During this month as
well, my wonderful Grandmother passed away. It was very difficult to be away as most of my
extended family was together in New York. I know that people were praying us through. Thank
you for your faithful prayers for our family!
As my children get older, I am finding that I am able to be more involved in church ministry. I
have truly enjoyed being able to play the piano again regularly at church. I am grateful for
friends who are willing to sit with our boys while I play the piano and Nick runs the
powerpoint. Playing the piano has also given me many opportunities to practice my
Portuguese and learn many new words. During the month of October, I will be teaching the
preschoolers Sunday school class. My ability to communicate
is improving, but this is still much more difficult for me than
it would be in my heart language. Thank you for praying for
me as well as Nick, who is once again helping teach in the
adolescent’s class. What would be challenging to do in
English is compounded greatly when teaching in another
language. Please pray for wisdom for both of us as we strive
to communicate Christ’s love to our classes through cultural
and linguistic barriers.
This fall I will also start teaching English as a Second
Language to children at our church. Please pray that this will
be a good outreach into the community. The economy in
Portugal is struggling and many children will not be learning
English in school. Along with our colleagues, we are offering
English classes for all ages. Please pray that God will use this
to reach people for His glory.
Please continue to pray for Nick as he works at Great Lisbon
Christian Academy each day. A new school year is always
exciting and challenging. Please pray for wisdom for him as
he teaches and tries to build into the lives of the students.
Please also pray for the salvation of a few of the students who
attend GLCA, but still do not have a personal relationship with

• ESL outreach ministry
• GLCA students who don’t
know the Lord
• Portuguese learning
•Wise stewardship of what God has given us
Posted: 10/25/2013  Expires: 11/24/2013

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