October 2013 Update

Dann & Elizabeth Ransom  (2006)

Dear friend,

Thank you for praying for us! It is a great encouragement to know that we are daily brought before the throne of grace by our brothers and sisters around the world. In this email we will briefly update you on some items for which we would ask you to pray.

The new school year has been underway for a little over a month, and both of our girls have adjusted fairly well. Cristina is enjoying first grade, and her teacher is one of the moms with whom Liz has been developing a friendship.

Please pray for the salvation of Cristina and Elisa's teachers, in particular Cristiana (Cristina's teacher) and her family, who are now also our neighbors (more on that later). Now that Cristina is in first grade, she goes to school six days a week, from 8:30 to 1:30 (on Saturdays she gets out at 12:30).

It has taken Elisa a little time to warm up to the idea of going to preschool / kindergarten each day (Monday through Friday), but we are beginning to see some improvements both in her relating to others as well as in her Italian. Please pray for both Cristina and Elisa, and for the opportunities we will have to meet people at their schools and share the good news with them.

Along with the start of the school year, a new season of ministry has also gotten underway. Both Liz and I (Daniel) have busy schedules; please pray for us as we meet with people for discipleship and counseling, along with managing areas of responsibility in the church and for the missionary team.

Specifically, please pray for the men's study that I teach once a month. We are focusing this time on the characteristics required for service and leadership in the local church, as we work to establish "non-missionary" deacons and pastors at Centro Evangelico Battista. Please pray for our church as we move in this direction.

On a family note, at the end of August we moved to a different apartment, about 100 yards away from where we had been living (our former landlord's son is getting married, and he wants to live in the apartment we were in). The Lord led us to an apartment in the same area, which has allowed us to be close to the girls' schools, as well as develop relationships with people we had already met.

Mark continues to grow at a very fast rate and his cheerful smile is an added blessing to our family. Please pray for us as we seek to honor the Lord in the way we balance family and ministry responsibilities.

Thanks so much for having a part in our ministry.

Grateful for you,

The Ransoms
Daniel, Elizabeth, Cristina, Elisa, and Mark

Posted: 10/25/2013  Expires: 11/24/2013

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