October 2013 Update

Jeff & Christie Lothamer  (1998)

October 4 Update

October Prayer Points
please pray for mission in England.

• Our landlord has decided to significantly raise our rent. Wisdom in exploring other homes or to negotiate our rent down.
• Jeff leading Friday Huddles with our Gap Year students.
• Christie leading student leaders in Clusters every week.
• For Neighbors to join in our Gospel Community events.
• Wisdom as we need to begin doing more fundraising.

October 7 Update

Answered Prayers!
I normally don't send out a message this soon after just sending one a few days ago, but we've had some significant answered prayer in the past couple of days and I couldn't wait to share them with you.

We asked you to pray for us to have "wisdom in exploring other homes or to negotiate our rent down with our landlord who unexpectedly wanted to significantly raise our rent." Long story short, the unexpected happened again. My landlord emailed me today and said he decided NOT to raise our rent for the next year!

Also, we asked you to pray for "Neighbors to join in our Gospel Community events." This past Sunday a family that we met in our neighbourhood over a year ago, and whom I have played basketball with countless times, came to our Gospel Community gathering. The man shared honestly his many questions about faith and said they are planning on joining us each week. Needless to say, we are excited to have them. Please continue to pray for Dale, Louise, and their 6 children.

Thank you to those who prayed and please continue.

To God be the Glory!


10/22 Update

please pray.
for mission in

I'm writing a bit early, but we are heading into a couple weeks of intense ministry. Tomorrow morning I (Jeff) leave for Ireland with our Greenhouse students for a week of mission and training. When I return, Christie and I will both be teaching at our regular training conference with all of our students. Amidst all this, God is at work in our church. Below are some of the specific ways you can be praying. Thank you.
• IRELAND: Divine appointments (opportunities to serve, bless, and have gospel conversations) for our student.
Christie and kids as I'm away from them for 6 days.
• CONFERENCE: Christie and I as we prepare for multiple teaching session.
Our students as they learn, believe, and put into practice what they are learning.
• [urgent] Last time we asked you to pray for Dale, Louise, and their 6 children. They have been participating in our Gospel Community weekly and this past Sunday attended our Gathering for the first time. They are facing some significant family challenges right now. Please pray for grace and God's will for them in these difficult circumstances and continue to pray specifically for Dale that he would understand and come to believe the gospel.
• Christie and I as we lead student leaders in Clusters/Huddles every week.
Jeff as he begins a couple of discipleship groups with guys in the church.
• Recently met a couple of new families in our neighbourhood that seem keen on getting to know us. Please pray for continued opportunities to love our neighbours with a "gospel intentionality."

Posted: 10/16/2013  Expires: 11/15/2013

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