October 2013 Update

Maicol & Mandy Venter  (2009)

Porto Alegre, Brazil
October 13, 2013
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Happy Fall!

Since we last wrote, some exciting changes have taken place.
* We changed our departure date back to Brazil to November 11 due to some hang ups with our health insurance paying high dollar claims. This needed to have some resolution so we could know where we stood financially with our support.

* We worked diligently to communicate between the doctors and insurance company about these issues. To date we have recovered $1,000 from Blue Cross. Please continue to pray that the insurance company will pay for the birth claims from January which accounts for about $5,000. We have done all we can as of Tuesday, now we wait.

* Our blog has some new activity, click here ( to read more:

"Begging. It's a weighty word. To put yourself at the mercy of apathetic, snide, better off than you strangers - that takes a lot of courage. And it takes giving up a whole lot of dignity. Sure, there are those who play the game and put on a show because they care more about drug money than dignity. But I imagine that wasn't the case today.

* Our home church, Denbigh Baptist, has been a great blessing to us during this waiting phase. We have truly seen the silver lining in the extended stay our Mission Board and Pastor encouraged us to take. We have been able to rest from travelling and we have a personal retreat planned for the end of October. The Lord has refreshed us and we are feeling eager and ready for departure day.

* Our church in Brazil, Hope Baptist, held its final service in July at the movie theater we had been given to use free for a year. Since then, God provided a temporary meeting place for us as we continue our search for a permanent place. We are meeting in another church building since they currently only have evening services. The pastoral staff can now carefully search for a building, and in the meantime let the members contribute financially towards the building project need.

* The youth group at Hope Baptist has grown and is meeting regularly. There are also 3 couples stepping up to lead them. Last year we had 2 regularly attending ladies and a couple of parties with 10-15. Now there are about 20 attending and willing leaders. We are looking forward to becoming involved with this growing work upon our return.

* At this point our support level looks great. If insurance pays the claims as we hope they will, we should have no problem getting financial clearance. We will keep you all up to date with our needs. Thank you so much for persistently offering to help us and staying up to date with us. Many of you who have been very generous already, want do more! God's grace has gotten us through this trial and we are thankful for your faithfulness to our ministry.

* Please pray for 2 interns we are considering to work with us in Brazil in 2014. We also have 2 youth groups that are praying about working with our church during the world cup for 2 weeks.

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