October 2013 Update

Andy & Diane Large  (1974)

Dear Prayer Partners and Friends,

This last month has been one of many changes and challenges, but also of blessing and opportunity. We would pray with the psalmist: “Make me to understand the way of thy precepts: so shall I talk of thy wondrous works” (Psalm 119:27). We are now settled in the rented house in San Juan del Sur, and God has opened several doors of opportunity for us. We want to talk of His wondrous works to all, but we likewise need His wisdom always to do His work and fulfill His purposes for us.
Some of God’s wondrous works in answer to your prayers:
1. The Lord’s good hand was upon us in all of our moving to San Juan del Sur. He has provided a good house for us to rent, with plenty of space for the ministry He has designed for us.
2. As you have prayed God has given us two Bible study groups beginning this week (Sept. 21st and 22nd).
3. The Lord has opened up the opportunity for a medical team led by Dr. Cesar of the ECC Church in Managua to serve a farm community here called Bernadino – there are 34 families living in this community with no electricity or running water, and no medical care close by for them.
4. God is connecting us with officials in the town. One doctor (who coordinates medical visits to rural communities) has manifested interest in Bible study as well.
5. We had our first friends from out of town spend a week-end with us here in San Juan. It was a good time of spiritual input with them. (Roger and Nydia)
6. Praise the Lord for providing us with two new individual supporters! We now only lack $111 in monthly support. Thank you, dear ones.

Please pray for God’s wondrous working:

1. In the Bible studies that we have started, and that He will lead us to those who are truly searching for Him and His truth, and give us wisdom in starting the work here in San Juan del Sur.
2. Please pray that God would bring along a Nicaraguan brother that we could work with, or train and work with, in starting churches in this area.
3. Please pray for Pastor Ernesto and wife Regina as they take on the great responsibility of shepherding the ECC Church flock. Pray for continued unity and growth, and for God’s provision of a property and building for them. Andy will be speaking there October 6th.
4. Please pray for God’s provision of funds for our Ministry Account that is still over $4,000 in the red.
5. Please pray for spiritual blessings in the ABWE Central America and the Caribbean Regional Conference that we will be attending here in Nicaragua from October 12-17th. Pray that it will be a time of spiritual refreshment and good fellowship for all the missionaries attending.

You are such a blessing to us in backing us in prayer and support! May the Lord’s good hand be upon you today and every day!

Rejoicing in His wondrous works,
Andy and Diane Large

10/22 Update

A group of seven Nicaraguan medical doctors led by Dr. Cesar Lopez of the ECC Church are coming to do clinics here with us in San Juan del Sur this week-end, and will be staying overnight with us. There is a triple purpose in the visit - to assist those needing free medical help, open bridges of friendship for us in the community here, and that we might be a witness to some of the doctors in the group who are not yet saved. (Dr. Cesar has Bible studies with some of them weekly in the hospital.) We will be having a Bible study with them in our house Friday evening. Please pray that God would work in all these areas, and use us for His honor and glory. Thanks!

Andy and Diane Large
Serving the King of Kings in Nicaragua with ABWE
Psalm 16:8

Posted: 10/16/2013  Expires: 11/15/2013

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