October 2013 Update

Jonathan & Sarah Weber  (2004)

October 02, 2013

Greetings from the Weber Family in Belgium! The last month has been a pretty crazy month as we have made numerous transitions as a family: from summer to fall, from the USA to Belgium, from the growing season to harvest, from summer fun to school year work, from reporting about ministry to regular ministry activities, from traveling to being at home, from sleeping in the homes of others to sleeping in our own beds, from eating food prepared by others to fixing meals together as a family, from eating with friends/family at their table to eating with friends/family at our table, from lots of time with family to being separated from family, from speaking with family face-to-face to speaking via phone or Skype, from mostly English to mostly Dutch, from lots of time with fellow believers to lots of time with people who have yet to find their hope in Jesus as their Savior, from talking about ministry plans to doing ministry! The list could certainly go on, yet the most important thing is to say that we are now settled back into life and ministry in Belgium.

We are thankful to report that there are good things happening in our home and with the church in Zoutleeuw. We are really thankful that Warren & Daniel are doing so well at school. We are grateful that Andrew is finally accustomed to going to school in the mornings. We are excited to have incubated and hatched two eggs from our chickens which means we now have two little chicks to raise. We are grateful for Sarah's involvement with a local group of mothers who gather weekly to pray for their children and their schools (connected to Moms in Touch International). We are so thankful for the improvements that have been made at the church building in Zoutleeuw. We are praising the Lord for good unity with other elders at church. The list could really go on, but I think you get the idea that there are good things happening because of God doing His work in and through people here in Belgium.

Thank you for your continued prayer for our family and the church in Zoutleeuw as we move forward in this process of developing a God-honoring family and local church. In spite of the ups and downs in the past month, we know that God is at work building his church in Zoutleeuw and we are always grateful for the blessing of being able to be a part of this process and to continue to partner with Belgians to equip Belgians to reach the world.


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Pray Now
* Outreach opportunities in our community (personal contacts, school contacts, community involvement)
* Wisdom as we try to keep our sons from being required to participate in Yoga classes as a part of their education at their school.
* Counseling with friends who are hurting
* For adjustments in the Sunday School program since one teacher is no longer able to teach
* For decisions that will be made at a church business meeting on Oct. 6th
* Unity within the church family in Zoutleeuw as we explore Biblical truths and determine how to move ahead as a local body of believers
* Planning for a kids outreach event on Oct. 19th
* Planning for a Bible club for grade school and middle school age children
* Emotional, physical & spiritual health for Hanna, her children & her extended family.
* Healing for a friend who fell and broke her arm
To that end keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication...
Eph 6:18b
Posted: 10/16/2013  Expires: 11/15/2013

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