October 2013 Update

Ed & Dorothy Woods  (1971)

Dear Ministry Friends, Sept.-Oct. 2013
"Grandmaw, did you ever get stung by a bee?" "Yes, I have."
"Did it hurt?" "Yes, actually, it did."
"I don't like bees!" "I understand, but God gave them some very important jobs."
Reflecting on the past several weeks, we noticed a marked similarity to the life of bees--buzzing,
darting back and forth, occasionally stopping, then off again to do that pollinating. Imagine this flight
pattern: classes, preaching, traveling to supporting churches, meeting potential students, saying
good-byes (far too many).
Mix with that other flower stops: the fishing pond, a blueberry farm, the
county fair, a church picnic at our home. Imagine 69 people, one-third of
whom are internationals, joining university students and church family and
flitting around the yard--eating, laughing, playing games, talking, listening to
the Word. Add M. and her friends who come to tend her little garden at the
end of ours--weeding, harvesting, and of course, talking.
God gave us this place in the country as a retreat and a perfect location for hosting.
Family, friends, and former students have recently joined us to relax, refresh,
marvel at the spectacular sunsets, and, of course, talk. (Bees do buzz a lot, you
know.) David was able to leave his duties and stay with us for over a week.
Sisters and cousins came to plan a fall family reunion. Later Deb and family drove
up for our first-ever Grandparent Camp. We were also able to meet Jon and family
in Lancaster, PA, to enjoy Sight and Sound and an Amish buggy ride. Were these
quiet times? Not exactly! But they were definitely refreshing and rejuvenating.
Family gatherings are so precious! Each get-together is a treasure to be savored.
This month and next the Woods will be darting from missionary conference to
supporting churches, to a family reunion, and to Dorothy's 50th high school reunion.
All this is between regular stops at classes, Bible studies, and--oh, yes--the actual
garden. God has given us a bountiful crop of beans, tomatoes, chard, and other
veggies to can and freeze.
Usually as the weather cools, many bees die. Not the honeybees! They take a breather from their
frenetic flitting to focus on the future--and more fruit. Please continue to keep us in prayer as we see
so many opportunities to sow and water, yet a small work force. Pray for tutor training workshops to
equip others for ESL outreach. Pray that the bees won't get weary in well-doing. Pray for more
worker bees. Please continually pray for fruit to abound. (Micah's birthday gift)
Thankful for the flowers and the fruit,
Ed and Dorothy Woods
CBM ESL Ministry
Posted: 10/16/2013  Expires: 11/15/2013

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